Krups Espresso / Coffee Machine Review - XP6040
Design & Styling8.5
Ease of Use8.5
Build Quality7.5
Service and Parts Support6.5
  • 19-bar pump and decent milk frother
  • High-end looks at a reasonable price
  • Krups customer service leaves room for improvement
7.7Overall Score
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Whether you’re a true barista at heart, or average coffee goer in need of the basics, you’ll appreciate the artsy cafe results of the Krups XP6040 Combination Espresso/Coffee Machine. Coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino – all the outside favorites in one machine. With a 19-bar pump, the Krups espresso machine seems to be in tune with the competition and the need for serious pressure when it comes to crafting professional-style beverages. Though a combination coffee/espresso unit can never really be as efficient as a dedicated operation, Krups attempts to provide both services in a balancing act that may satisfy or disappoint, depending upon your expectations.

Krups Coffee Machine Review

The coffee maker side of the Krups XP6040 offers a 10 cup carafe, pause and serve feature, removable cone filters, and non-stick warming plate. The water reservoir on top is also spacey enough to avoid spills and is paired with a handy side window to check water levels as you go along. On performance, the Krups Coffee Machine portion makes a decent cup of coffee, but there is some room for improvement.

For instance, the 10 cup carafe is in our opinion just too small for most homes where coffee is a staple. We would have liked to see at least a 12 cup carafe included. Also, the cone filter is not gold mesh – which we’ve come to expect on a unit in this price range. The unit is relatively easy to clean and on the whole looks more expensive then it’s price tag.

Krups Espresso Machine Review

Next up, the Espresso is delivered via a Swiss designed system and Italian-built 19-bar pump. It comes equipped with electronic controls, automatic stop, removable front access water tank (up to 50 oz), side frothing wand, and thermoblock technology. Essentially, thermoblock technology refers to the channeled metal block used to heat water; this particular one is being die-cast aluminum with stainless steel tubing which is preferable for it’s durability, especially on machines in this price range.

The three main functions offered on the espresso side are hot water, espresso, and frother. The froth performance may be debatable depending on your preference and desired precision in ‘frothing’ but if effort is applied it can get the job done. Early units had frothing rods that were faulty and of poor design, but it seems that since then Krups has corrected this issue. The wand itself is plastic but comes with a removable metal cover and is flexible and adjustable. Other things worth mentioning: the unit is equipped to accept a variety of coffee pods as well as ground coffee. And similar to the coffee machine’s warming plate, the espresso machine also offers a heating cup grid to keep cups warm.

The MSRP price for this dual coffee/espresso machine sits right at $300, a nice middle course when compared to the cheaper Delonghi and higher end Jura series-as quality domestic pieces go. Though if not very particular about a machine’s ability to ‘handle a shot’ or small nuances such as this, the Delonghi may be a reasonable choice as well, and is marked at about half the price.


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