For over sixty years, Liebherr has been engineering quality products. The newest addition to their refrigeration line-up, aptly named “Monolith”, is likely to take their refrigeration division to the next level.

With dimensions that mirror almost every other built-in / integrated product on the market today, Liebherr Appliances finally releases a refrigerator that sits 84 inches high. This is important – as it also opens up a wider market for the product as now you can purchase not only for a new Kitchen build out, but also purchase as a replacement to an existing built-in / integrated refrigerator.

Liebherr Monolith Integrated Column Units

Monolith Integrated Refrigerator Columns

The new Monolith refrigerator columns are both energy efficient and designed to preserve the life of your food. The “smart” technology used in this unit will allow you to control it from your smartphone or tablet, so you can bump up the cooling power even while you’re at the grocery store.

LCD Controls w/ Pure Air System

Large ice cubes

Enviro-friendly Refrigeration

All Monolith refrigerators and freezers meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® rating requirements, as does the entire Liebherr North American line of refrigeration. Liebherr is also partners in the ActiveGreen® Initiative – the goal of which is to build sustainable products, with energy efficiency and longevity as key.

Because Liebherr only uses R600a refrigerant, their one of the few refrigeration companies that can claim to be HCFC and CFC-Free. Without a doubt, R600a refrigerant is the future of refrigeration and cooling, and Liebherr has been on this train longer than anyone else.

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Biofresh Drawer System

Biofresh – Still Fresher Than Ever

In 1996, Liebherr first introduced BioFresh. At the time, no one was really focusing on the actual science behind “food preservation”.

The idea is simple enough: you create different “climate-zones” within the refrigerator. For instance, you can have one drawer as a high humidity drawer for your Fruits and Vegetables which need a cold, wet atmosphere to preserve well. And then you can another drawer with low humidity for your meats and cheeses.

The new Monolith refrigerators now add a third option with “Bio-Fresh Plus” which takes things one step further, offering a drawer capable of just above freezing temperatures, perfect for seafood and shellfish. And all of this is able to be controlled from your smart phone or tablet, as well as the control panel within the refrigerator itself.

Infinity Spring Water Dispenser

Infinity Spring Water Dispenser

Filtered water. Everyone wants it, everyone needs it. No longer will you need to buy those 2.5 gallon jugs of Zephyrhills for your refrigerator. The Infinity Spring water dispenser takes zero space from refrigeration. Built into the cavity of the unit, you simply push your glass against the metal plate and the dispenser spout tilts out and activates.

Because the spout is built into the side of the cavity, you can fit any size glass or pitcher under the spout.

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Smartphone / Tablet App

Other Key Features:

  • Alerts for power outages and open door
  • Full color, touch control panel that is user-friendly
  • Integrated LED side lighting to make it easy to see everything in your fridge and can be adjusted by preference
  • Super-sized ice-maker that can make up to 3.5 pounds of filtered ice in a day and stores up to 4 pounds
  • Utilizes the FlexSystem, so you can customize the storage areas to fit your individual needs
  • Maximized storage capability and efficiency with a behind the door cooling circulation design to keep your milk cold, even when it is on the door
  • SoftSystem Technology used for quiet closing and automatic closing at 30 degrees
  • Freezer shelves that allow air to flow more freely, so you don’t have to worry about warm spots
  • Frostsafe Freezer Drawers that save your freezer food from freezer burn

Liebherr not only aimed to create a fridge that was not only versatile, elegant, and technologically advanced, but they wanted to ensure that your food lasts longer. With all of the space this unit offers, it is the ideal choice for any size family, and will allow you to shop less and enjoy entertaining more.

At launch, these will be the size configurations available:  18″ and 24″ Freezer units, 24″ and 30″ Refrigeration units. When paired, they will allow for either a 42″, 48″ or 54″ wide side by side configuration.


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