Cooking is an art that is practiced in each and every home, and outside homes as well. Much like any other art form, cooking has been progressing over the years with the introduction of new recipes and techniques. Innovations in the world of appliances have been coming less and less these days.

Now, Miele has vowed to change cooking forever with their new Dialog Oven.

Let’s take a look at the “future of cooking.”

Miele’s Revolutionary Dialog Oven

Miele Dialog Oven

Boasting its own M Chef technology, the Dialog Oven claims to change the way we cook by giving chefs the tools to further enhance their recipes. Moreover, it also invites chefs to make new innovative recipes and dishes with the immense control and precision that the Dialog Oven offers.

Moreover, Miele’s new premium also happens to offer Wi-Fi control. Using the Miele@mobile application you can supervise the cooking process no matter where you are and provide new instructions to the oven. It offers you complete control of the oven and its cooking right at your fingertips.


The Dialog Oven offers a number of state of the art features that allow you to experiment with your food and develop fantastic dishes. The bold features of the Dialog Oven are as follows:

Fully Connected to Your Smartphone via Miele@Mobile

Revolutionary Technology

The revolutionary technology developed by Miele used to create innovation in the kitchen like never before. The precision and the control it provides means you can cook food like never before. Directed RF energy combined with next-generation computing sensors brings this oven to a whole new level.

The Dialog Oven is like NASA decided to create their own version of a TurboChef.

Their signature demonstration – at the IFA trade show in Berlin – was cooking a piece of fish inside a block of ice. At the end of the cooking cycle, they pull-out the still-frozen block of ice and open it up to reveal a perfectly cooked fillet of fish. 

The RF solid state cooking method employed in the Dialog oven uses radio frequency as a heat source. It’s a generational leap forward when compared to traditional speed cooking methods that combine microwave technology and traditional oven elements. RF solid state cooking allows for much higher precision due to the RF signals providing a feedback loop. They respond back and help the oven understand and target specific zones within the cooking cavity.

Hence the name: “Dialog”

By regulating the oven’s heat in one place, you can cook the fish while the ice stays frozen. Another such example is making cooked and raw salmon at the same time, by focusing the oven’s action at specific areas of the salmon.

Note the specially angled insulated door. Photo by: Kissa Castañeda

RF Solid State Cooking

Utilizing this incredible new cooking technology, Miele has become the first appliance company in the industry to use Goji Food Solutions Solid State RF Cooking technology.

Conventional cooking systems heat the food from around and do not happen to act on the inside of the food. Using the Dialog Oven, you can now program the heat to go from the inside out, heating your food like never before.

This allows you to craft quality ingredients and dishes and ensures that every single meal that you make using the Dialog Oven happens to be a gourmet one with the best taste possible.

How RF Cooking Works

Programmable Procedures

Making a multi-course is easier than ever with the programmable features that Miele has provided in the Dialog Oven. You no longer need to worry about the many different steps and processes you need in a multi-course meal.

Simply program the Dialog Oven for each different meal and get the results you need without any sort of effort.


Using the best technology available in every single feature, the Dialog Oven gives results and makes food faster than any other oven, food processor, or traditional methods.

The Dialog Oven makes food faster than conventional methods by an unrivalled 70% while ensuring the quality you obtain from the most strenuous conventional procedure.

Goji’s RF Solid State Cooking Tech

When Can You Get It

Having recently been developed, Miele’s Dialog Oven is awaiting a launch. They are currently holding exclusive events with major chefs to showcase how the Dialog Oven works and how it can revolutionize your kitchen.

As a promotion, they collaborated with a 100 top chefs to craft new dishes using the Dialog Oven, that are now available in a cookbook that comes with the oven.

Expect Miele’s Dialog Oven to reach the States sometime in 2020. We expect it to command a hefty price tag, likely somewhere in the $9,000-$10,000 range.

Special thanks to Kissa Castañeda at Singapore Tatler for allowing us to use her photographs of the Miele Dialog oven.

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