Samsung Top-Load Washer / Dryer Review - WA40J300AW
Design and Styling8
Ease of Use8.5
Build Quality6
Target Function4.5
Service and Warranty5

Dirty laundry is one of the inescapable reality of modern life. Most American families averages between 8 to 10 loads of laundry each week, which drives many household to invest in a quality washing machine and dryer.

To answer this need, many appliance manufacturers offer a broad range of features and designs. Sometimes it can be hard to demystify the benefits and drawbacks associated with terms like top loading, front loading, high efficiency, and recently developed smart features.

Samsung Washer Dryer In-Home Review

Samsung Top Load Washing Machine WA40J300AW

Choosing to purchase both a washing machine and dryer at the same time is often convenient for delivery and installation. Of course, shouldering this significant initial investment often encourages some families to look for soft price points and sales promotions.
Samsung offers a wide range of different washing machine and dryer combinations.

Many have attractive prices while also accommodating the need for large capacity and high efficiency.

High Efficiency and Large Capacity Help Tackle Large Loads

The Samsung WA40J300AW top loading washing machine pairs several key features its large 4.0 cubic foot. At first glance it can be a good choice for a family with multiple children or a child in college with a tendency for showing up to family events with an empty stomach and a heap of dirty laundry.

The Samsung comes with 8 different wash cycles

The high efficiency unit comes with 8 different wash cycles to address a variety of situations and fabric types. It includes four load capacity settings ranging from small to extra-large, which allows you to select the appropriate volume of water.

The lid has a soft close feature and locks securely before engaging the cycle.

A Stainless Steel Drum Offers Several Advantages

The WA40’s drum has several features worth comparing. It is made from stainless steel and does not have a classical agitator in the center. Instead the wall of the drum employs a crosshatch diamond pattern designed to reduce the physical stress on garments as well as helping to prevent damage to delicate fabrics.

Washing machines with a heavy steel tub glazed with porcelain are often prone to chipping, which creates rust spots inside the drum over time. This can lead to damaged fabrics, and mild discoloration. Washing machines with a plastic drum can become increasingly vulnerable to surface abrasions caused by repetitive contact with buttons, zippers, and clasps. Over time the rough surface of a plastic drum can further cause excess wear on fabrics.

Our Drum After a Year of Use

The stainless steel drum of the Samsung WA40 not only reduces physical stress on garments, it also capable of a very high speed spin cycle.

This helps to efficiently remove excess water from garments making them easier to dry, which can be especially helpful if you get distracted by other tasks while washing laundry.

The WA40 also includes a self-cleaning feature to remove trace bacteria and other materials before unpleasant odors can start to develop in the drum. The feature relies on a combination of soaking, and bursts of rotation to loosen any stray matter before the high-speed spin cycle clears it away.

It means you can prevent and clean away unwanted odors from the drum without the use of harsh chemicals.

How Does the Price Compare?

Appliance manufacturers and retailers frequently offer sales and promotional pricing, which often includes matching units such as this. So, it’s always a good idea to shop around and watch for special event pricing.

As a standalone the Samsung WA40 can often be found around $565. This is slightly higher than comparable models offered by Kenmore $530, and GE $540.

Does It Stack Up in the Real World?

In my personal experience this washing machine does a very good job of executing each of its preset cycles. It can gently clean delicate garments and other special care fabrics including things like light weight nylon sleeping bags. At the same time the heavy duty wash cycle is truly capable of handling significant grime and trapped debris.

One recurring issue we’ve come across:  The unbalanced load safety feature.

The 4.0 cubic food drum capacity might tempt you to overload it.

In my experience, very large loads and highly absorbent thins like microfiber blankets can sometimes become so saturated with water weight that the mass triggers the unbalanced load sensor. When this happens the machine automatically stops during the spin cycle and issues an alarm.


At that point you’ll have to remove some of the soaking wet clothing out or wring out the heavy blanket by hand before restarting the machine and setting a new spin cycle.

If you sometimes forget one or two items at the last second, the locking door feature might also be a bit of a nuisance. However, it’s a safety feature that can be especially important if you have small children in the home.


  • Large capacity
  • Stainless steel drum to reduce wear on clothing
  • Self-cleaning system


  • Heavy loads can trip the unbalanced load sensor

Samsung Electric Dryer DV40J3000EW

A Matching Dryer for a Consistent Laundry Room

The Samsung DV3000 electric dryer pairs well with the WA40 washing machine and was designed to have a similar appearance. The 7.2 cubic foot capacity allows you to dry large loads of laundry and can hold anything the WA40 can handle.

The dryer is also designed with an easily reversible door which allows you to physically set it up according to the characteristics of your laundry room. The lint filter light also helps to remind you to clean the trap after every dryer load.

The DV3000 includes four different heat settings to address special fabrics that may need to be dried under low or very low heat. Depending on your preference you can choose to use the integrated dry moisture sensor, or you can choose to use the timer and adjustable temperature features.

Interior Drum of Our Samsung Test Unit

Wrinkle Release Lives Up to Its Name

The wrinkle release feature is designed to tumble the clothes without heat to help soften the fabric for easy folding. It can be especially helpful if you need to take a wrinkle out of dress clothes, or a fitted sheet that has become tangled and wrinkled.

Large Loads May Confuse the Moisture Sensor

In my personal experience this dryer has very few drawbacks. However, when you dry very large loads or wet blankets the moisture sensor sometimes ends the cycle before everything is 100% dry.

Control panel for DV40J3000

The easiest way to deal with this is to turn to switch to the timer settings for another 20-minute burst of medium or high heat. If I try to look at the glass as half full, this minor foible gives me the opportunity to add a new dryer sheet for vibrant smelling laundry.

How Does the Price Compare?

When sold individually the DV3000 can often be found around $600. This is higher than the comparable Kenmore model at $476, yet significantly below the GE version selling for $699.


  • Large Capacity
  • Quick Drying
  • Effective Wrinkle Release


  • Moisture sensor isn’t always accurate

One other minor thing to note with both the WA40 washing machine and the DV3000 dryer is the programmed musical component. After finishing a cycle both will play a very lengthy song. While it isn’t technically a drawback, it seems a little strange to have my appliances celebrate triumphant victory over the evils of soiled laundry with such zeal!

Interior Capacity is Large, but Unit Can Throw Errors When Filled Up

In Conclusion

Samsung has tried to offer the best of both worlds with these machines: extra large capacity and lots of cycles and load options. We found the units didn’t live up to all they’re promise. Yes, the tub is large — but if you truly fill it to capacity you may find yourself fishing out a soaking wet comforter due to the strict unbalanced load sensor.

Not a fun time.

This unit, as a pair, will run around $1,200. At that price point, we would like to see the tub be able to handle a load size that corresponds to the massive drum size. Warranty on the Samsung units is generous at 2 years, but we know from experience that service can be spotty.

Our Verdict:   PASS

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