Miele W1 Washer and T1 Dryer Review / Rating (WWH860 & TWI180)
The Miele W1 washing system and T1 tumble dryer stand up to their reputation of being modern, beautifully made appliances.
Design and Styling9.5
Ease of Use8.5
Build Quality9
Target Function9.5
  • Both systems are incredibly well made, EnergyStar qualified appliances
  • WiFiConn@ct makes connecting each appliance to the internet easy and stress free
  • Ultraphase 1 and 2 auto-dispense just works!
  • Appliances work best with Miele specific products and detergents
  • Pricing puts these out of the reach of many consumers.
8.8Overall Score
Appliance company Miele has become well-known for their eco-friendly, Energy Star qualified home appliances, with an extensive line of products ranging from vacuum cleaners to coffee machines to dishwashers.

Towards the top of the list of popular Miele appliances are the W1 washing machine and T1 dryer systems, sold separately, but often bought together as a set.

The W1 front-loading washing machine (model WWH860) and its partner, the T1 heat-pump tumble dryer (model TWI180), have such long feature lists that they make other washer and dryers (even the newer ones!) seem outdated and simple.

The W1 and T1 is the latest update to Miele’s high-end laundry care line.

Miele Laundry Review – W1 Washing Machine and T1 Heat-Pump Dryer

The latest versions of the Miele washer and dryer systems, the W1 and T1 are created to be installed side by side or stacked, with interchangeable door hinges on the W1 making it even easier to find the perfect location for these units in your home.

LED Lights up the interior of the W1

Miele claims to be the only manufacturer that uses enamel to finish front panels on their washer/dryer systems, with enamel being scratch proof and corrosion proof, in addition to being easy to clean. Whether this claim is true or not, the addition of sleek, modern Lotus White enamel provides a beautiful finish to these units that is undeniable.

Both the W1 and T1 systems are equipped with scent technology (TwinDos and FragranceDos, respectively) intended to infuse clothing with fresh scents throughout each cycle.

W1 – TwinDos dispensing

According to one of the website’s informational videos, TwinDos is a unique dispensing system with two phases, Ultra Phase 1 (detergent) and Ultra Phase 2 (detergent enhancer), in which detergent and enhancer are automatically dispensed during a load in the correct proportions for the size and color of the clothes being washed.

Miele Twindos Dispense System

Eco-Friendly Designs

The W1 washing system is made for convenience and ease of use. Just one example of this is the SingleWash cycle, which allows you to wash a single item (up to 1.1lbs) with the machine automatically adjusting the duration of the cycle, along with the energy and water consumption needed.

No more feeling guilty about not washing a full load! Miele has made quick, single item washes eco-friendly and simple.

As further testament to Miele’s dedication to environmentally friendly appliances, the T1 tumble dryer, using EcoDry technology, is a long-term low energy consumption appliance with significantly shortened drying times.

T1 – FragranceDos technology

T1 – FragranceDos eliminates the need for standard dryer sheets

FragranceDos is a system that uses scented pods during the drying cycle, much like traditional dryer sheets, but without the hassle of adding pods to each new load.

The level of intensity of the fragrance for each load is adjustable, which makes for easy customization of each individual load.

Most incredibly, Miele has managed to create a drying system that is eco-friendly and still efficient – the T1 tumble dryer has 6 temperature settings and 18 separate drying cycles. Let’s bring the focus back to the W1 washing machine for a bit.

Not only does this unit come equipped with the aforementioned TwinDos, but there is also CapDos, which allows you to use detergents, fabric softener and any other additives via pre-portioned capsules.

Miele’s T1 Dryer is surprisingly spacious

The W1 has a delayed start (up to 24-hours) complete with a countdown timer that lets you know when the cycle will begin and an EcoFeedback option that allows you control over electricity and water consumption during use.

‘Outdoor’ and ‘Proofing’ wash programs allow you to properly wash your heavier duty outerwear without compromising the integrity or usefulness of the items (such as water repellent and thermal clothing).

Referring back to the T1 tumble dryer, the SoftSteam feature is definitely worth a mention.

Water reservoir allows dryer to be installed where there is no drain.

SoftSteam is stated as being an alternative to ironing; the dryer steams and heats items, smoothing them and removing wrinkles before they are removed from the dryer.

Used in tandem with the W1’s ‘pre-ironing’ feature, these W1 and T1 system features may well eliminate ironing from your life entirely!

Internal ‘honeycomb’ design

Designed to prevent wear and tear

Both the W1 washing machine and the T1 tumble dryer are designed from the inside out to clean and dry clothing without causing excessive wear and tear. Each system is built with internal ‘honeycomb’ style drums – specially designed to allow for gentle, even washing and drying.

The T1 dryer also comes with a feature called ‘perfect dry’, which simply (but amazingly!) detects the mineral content of the water that was used to wash the clothing and modifies the drying process accordingly. Let’s not forget to mention the lint filter that uses a clear text indicator to inform the user of the need to ‘clean airways’!

Just when you think that these units can’t get any more efficient, Miele has outfitted both washer and dryer with WiFiConn@ct. WiFiConn@ct is used to connect Miele appliances to the internet via a standard Wifi router. Download the Miele app (through any app store) and instantly get access to the status of the appliance, receive notifications (e.g., your detergent running low), or place orders for new products through the Miele store.

Close-up of the W1 display screen

Pros and Cons: Is it really worth it?

Of course, after a lengthy run-through of the pros of these two appliances, it would be foolish to not be realistic regarding the cons (and there are always cons!). Both of these units come with features that include Miele specific products. That means that in order to operate either of these units to their full capabilities, you’ll also need to commit to buying Miele only products (detergents, fabric softeners, enhancers, etc.)

Although not a necessity, the website strongly hints that Miele appliances work best with Miele products – which does indeed make sense. If you aren’t picky about using household or name-brand products, then this may not be a concern for you.

While the many features mentioned above are impressive, a quick look through the website gives the sense of almost too many bells and whistles – with information on some features being hard to find or non-existent completely. Potential buyers wanting more information may need to contact Miele directly or find the information indirectly through 3rd party websites.

Miele Connect App

All in all, the Miele TWI180 WP tumble dryer and WWH860 WCS washing machine are both incredibly impressive appliances. They join the wave of new eco-friendly, modern, internet-capable household appliances.

While these systems are more expensive than standard washing and drying appliances, $1,799 and $1,999, respectively (as stated on the website), they are reasonably priced for the number of features included in each separate unit. While these are one of the most expensive washing machines out today, keep in mind they are also by far the most advanced in features and tech.

Consumers looking for an efficient, compact, modernized washer/dryer set can’t go wrong considering these two units.

Miele W1 Washer

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