A company of over 67 years now, Liebherr Appliances offer one of the most energy-efficient refrigeration line-ups in America today. Liebherr Refrigerators obtain that efficiency through their attention to the details – from compressor design through to moisture control.

This post will detail some of highlights of what makes Liebherr Refrigerators and Liebherr Wine Coolers unique.

How a Liebherr Refrigerator Works

Liebherr 24″ Freestanding Refrigerator

The Liebherr refrigerator actually uses a variable speed compressor which will alternate, speed up, slow down based on the demand.

This alone can save you about 25% over a standard alternating compressor that virtually all other high-end brands currently use.

Couple that with variable speed fans, LED lighting and a refrigerant called R600 (which actually turbocharges the process) and you have one lean, mean “green” machine.

Why R600 Refrigerant?

When you compress R600, which is basically just butane, it will literally supercharge and get you into temperatures ranges that standard refrigerants can’t get you.

Liebherr’s can actually get the temperature in the freezer to -27 degrees.

There’s a setting on unit called Super Cool/Super Frost which overrides the normal refrigerator processes, puts it at the coldest setting and will hold for six hours the coldest temp in both the refrigerator and the freezer.

You use this for two things. One, if you’re having a party in the evening it will actually boost your ice production. Two, it will also allow you to recoup the air much quicker as people keep going in and out of the refrigerator all night.

Liebherr Integrated Undercounter Refrigerator, URP503

But where this feature really shines is if you’re doing your shopping at the Sam’s Club or Costco. By the time you drive there, load up, get back home in a hot car, your foods are already starting to get into a defrosted state.

If you hit the Super Cool/Super Frost settings before you leave and go on that shopping trip, you will start the super chill process so that when you get back, your refrigerator will be ready to bring your foods back down to temperature faster.

Freestanding Triple Zone Wine Cooler

Eco-friendly refrigerator? Yes, please.

If you are developing an Eco-friendly refrigerator today, you must start with R600. It’s the only true environmentally friendly refrigerant in use today.

Liebherr Appliances has been doing this for over 18 years. The rest of the world has gone to R600.

R600 is simply butane, a compound which is heavier than air, so you can change the gas out of the system just by draining it right outside and into the ground.

Whereas R134 – which is used by most refrigerator manufacturers today – is very damaging to the ozone layer because it’s lighter than air, and as such it goes straight into the ozone. So if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly refrigerator, this is the most Eco-friendly refrigerator in the United States today.

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What is Liebherr Biofresh?

One of the systems that is really unique to Liebherr is the BioFresh system.

Liebherr Biofresh Humidity Controlled Drawers

Put simply, it is moisture control that just works.

Liebherr splits the refrigerator compartments and does not mix the air between the refrigerator and freezer. So you have a damper environment in the food compartment and a very dry compartment in the freezer.

What a Liebherr unit will do is literally take the air in from the top, push it down over the evaporator and we push that cold, damp air directly into the Biofresh chamber. So as the air goes down the back of the refrigerator and over the evaporator, it’s damp.

The evaporator has moisture on it and as the air is pushed over it you are picking up those water pellets and actually dispensing them into the BioFresh chambers. So what is this going to do is generate an environment up to 90 percent relative humidity at about 33 degrees. Perfect for storing fruits and veggies, meats and poultry.

Liebherr Control Panel

You have two dynamics that are happening inside your Biofresh chambers.

One, you’re actually creating a system that’s very similar to the misters that you see at ultra premium organic grocery stores. And the second thing is, at 33 degrees, you put your fruits and vegetables into a hibernated state so they’re not giving off the much ethylene gases and starting their ripening processes.

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Future Thinking

Liebherr Built-In Wine Stations

Liebherr literally has an app that you can get off your Apple or your Android phone that will tell you how long you can expect the food to last in these processes and in this system. Liebherr estimates they can save an average consumer up to six hundred dollars a year in lost fruits/vegetables.

Noise is also something Liebherr has put a lot of thought into. No refrigerator they sell produces over 42 decibels of noise within the home. They’re very, very quiet and extremely energy efficient.

Liebherr also manufactures refrigerators for other high-end appliance brands on the market such as Miele, Gaggenau, Bertazzoni, and Smeg – to name a few.

Warranty on Liebherr product is excellent as well.  A 2/5/12 year warranty, with 2 years parts and labor on the entire unit, 5 years parts and labor on the sealed system components, and 12 years on the parts for the sealed system.

That concludes this little primer on Liebherr.

All the products are crafted in Germany.



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