The latest offering from the Sub-Zero stable of perfect preservation equipment improves even the Sub-Zero 650 model that is replaces. This is because the Sub-Zero BI-36U perfects the standard set by the Sub-Zero 650, by adding further benefits.

Chic styling to match your tastes and kitchen – choose between framed or overlaid styling, or having your new refrigerator freezer finished in classic, platinum of carbon stainless steel.

Generous Capacity with Built-in Convenience – A flip grill at the top of your  Sub-Zero BI-36U allows a seamless service call without disturbing the contents of either the 36 inch-high 15.9 cubic foot refrigeration compartment, or the 5.2 cubic foot under-freezer. Simultaneously, the shallower flush-inset design places your Sub-Zero BI-36U refrigerator-freezer perfectly in line with surrounding cabinetry.

State-of-Art Technology – Built-in air purification systems (using a titanium-dioxide scrubber technology developed by NASA) effectively destroy all bacteria, viruses, food smells, and even the ethylene gases that can cross-contaminate with other foodstuffs.

Sub Zero Water Filter

Microbiological water filtration systems assure your children’s safety by filtering out viruses, bacteria and sediment while leaving fluoride in the water. All Sub-Zero preservation equipment is Sabbath and Holiday compliant. This is because dual refrigeration systems ensure freshest food with optimal efficiency plus the advantages of separated refrigerator and freezer sealed systems.

Sub Zero Air Filter Cartridge

Simplicity of Use – When you buy a Sub-Zero BI-36U refrigerator-freezer, you get adjustable spill-proof glass shelves, as well as door shelves and a dairy compartment too. At the cooler bottom part of the refrigerator compartment you will find soft-close crisper drawers for fruit and vegetables, and meats as well. Handy freshness hints on cards stored inside the unit provide valuable advice for optimising the way that you and your appliance work together. In the refrigerator compartment below, a handy full-extension roll-out freezer drawer consigns access problems into history. You could even set the max-ice feature to increase ice-production for 24 hours at a time.

The Sub-Zero BI-36U refrigerator-freezer that replaces the Sub-Zero 650 model is a dream to work with and incorporates the latest space-age technology too. If you previously benefited from owning a Sub-Zero 650 model, then we know that you will discover that the additional enhancements now available, provide a preservation advantage that is close to perfection.

Pros: Dual compressors, air scrubbers, true water filtration

Cons: At $8,400. it’s a high price for true food preservation

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