Update (04/18/17): Bosch has released a new, redesigned coffee system to replace the TKN68E75UC – you can read more about it on our Bosch Coffee Machine Review 2017

The Benvenuto Coffee Machine line from Bosch is, in my opinion, one of their best products on the market today. Like their arch-rival Miele, they have created a superb built-in espresso machine for the kitchen. They have also built freestanding counter-top units with the same technology, including the same heating system, which has made their free-standing units produce some of the hottest coffee around.

The Bosch TKN68E75UC espresso machine comes with a multi-lingual display, allowing for use in any country. It uses an combination of digital and analog knobs, which from afar look a bit odd, but after a good deal of practice seem to work together rather well.

The espresso dispenser is height-adjustable so that any size cup will fit underneath, and the steam wand also doubles as the hot water dispenser. Personally, I prefer the steam wand over the newer technologies using milk containers, since it allows me to get the milk the exact temp and texture I like. Not so much because the machines froth the milk wrong – its just that you get a “one size fits all” result that isn’t always desired.

This 1,300 watt unit informs you when to run its automatic descaling and cleaning programs, and even comes with two cleaning tablets to start. Inside the unit, you’ll find two separate coffee chambers: one for whole beans and one for ground. A 215 psi (15 bar) Thermo Block-pump Pressure system gives this unit uncanny control over the brewing temperature.

The unit also allows many different settings for coffee strength. From very smooth to extra strong.

With CE, CSA, and UL certifications, the espresso machine meets energy and build standards on virtually every continent. And while this is an amazing machine – one of the best on the market currently – there is always room for improvement.

The digital display is small and retro. Breaking the design symmetry of the unit with the four programming buttons on the right is an inelegant feature. Also, at a sell price of just over $2,000, one would think it should come with a very good bag of coffee.

Pros: Excellent heating, excellent coffee, beautiful design.

Cons: It’s not cheap, lcd screen from 90’s, separate water dispenser would have been nice.

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