Tell me if this sounds familiar:  You wake up in the morning and wait patiently as the coffee maker finishes brewing that pot of coffee.  Then, as the first drops of that fresh cup of Joe reach your mouth, you react with an emphatic “bleh.”  You want more. You crave that Starbucks cappuccino or Intelligencia latte.

Well, the folks at Miele, manufacturers of the Miele Coffee System, recognize that you should not have to run down to Starbucks every time you want a decent cup of coffee.  They’ve created the new Miele Coffee System (CVA 4062), virtually guaranteeing that you pull a fresh, great tasting shot of espresso every time.

While other manufacturers have focused on creating cheaper and cheaper versions of the same machine, Miele has remained a leading innovator.  As the originator of the built-in coffee system, Miele has proven that it is dedicated to manufacturing coffee makers that transition seamlessly into your home’s décor.

In addition to its sleek design, the Miele CVA 4062 Coffee System comes complete with all the expected bells and whistles.  In fact, Miele Coffee Makers are the only units on the market currently using the Thermos Style Milk Frother. This double walled stainless steel milk reservoir will keep your milk cool for up to twelve hours.  The large 24 ounce tank lets you readily transition between cappuccino, latté, macchiato, steamed milk and even milk froth.  It is extremely useful when entertaining multiple guests in your home, but can become a bit cumbersome when only making a cappuccino for yourself, as it must be cleaned afterwards.

Miele Coffee Maker CVA 4062The Miele Coffee system, which contains a large 500g coffee bean container, also boasts a conical grinding system. Conical grinding is an important feature to any coffee aficionado, as it keeps the size of the grinds consistent, thus keeping the flavor consistent. The grinder has adjustable settings and allows you to produce rich flavors that are tailored to your own personal taste.  In addition, the Miele Coffee Maker has a feature that bypasses the grinder all together and insert pre-ground beans if you so choose.  This innovative design lets the user quickly move between the brewing of caffeinated and decaffeinated beverages.

Of course, Miele Coffee makers are not solely recognized for their innovation.  Miele places its reputation on producing quality products that it can stand behind. And with the new Miele Coffee System, they’ve created something truly unique.

Pros: Built-In to cabinetry, beautiful design, fantastic coffee

Cons: Good espresso doesn’t come cheap, thermos cleanup is sometimes tedious.

Anthony Rocco

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