Hestan NanoBond™ 8.5" Titanium Skillet
Hestan's 8.5" NanoBond skillet is expertly designed with flush rivets for easy cleaning and stacking, titanium and chromium bonded stainless-steel, and a French-style handle perfect for easy gripping while cooking.
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  • NanoBond technology creates thousands of durable layers which are scratch and stain resistant
  • Nonstick surface is perfect for many styles of cooking and reduces the need for excessive oils and sprays
  • Dishwasher, oven and broiler safe (up to 1050F!)
  • Product shine reduces quickly after multiple uses, but can be restored after cleaning
  • Price is relatively expensive compared to other brands of cookware at its size
4.5Overall Score


Whether you spend hours every week cooking for yourself (and maybe your family) or only use your cookware to reheat leftovers, anyone that spends time in the kitchen understands the importance of owning and using durable cookware.  While long-lasting cookware is rather unquestionably an asset, the cost of these items often gives potential consumers pause because honestly – is it worth it? The more expensive of these “lifetime” cookware sets can be upwards of $2,000USD, averaging $200USD or more per item. With $20 and $30 pots and pans available at every turn, is it even necessary to invest the cost of a vehicle (albeit, a used one) into your kitchenware?

The NanoBond™ 8.5″ skillet with Titanium Brilliance™ makes for beautiful, glossy cookware

Is NanoBond™ really worth it?

Hestan Cookware, created by Stanley Cheng (whose hard-anodized cookware invention helped bring about nonstick cookware in the marketplace), is not only a well-known kitchenware company but also the sister company of Hestan Vineyards, an award-winning winery located in California.

In this review, we’ll explore the pros and cons of the 8.5-inch NanoBond™ technology-equipped skillet from Hestan, one of the highest rated household cookware brands available.  Although this skillet is actually on the cheaper side of the higher-end pans available – it’s listed on the Hestan website as $149.95 – at just over 8” this pan is more expensive than many of its larger counterparts. Expensive cookware is often touted as a necessary addition to any kitchen, but many potential consumers become stuck on the price versus usability.

While it’s obvious through raving consumer reviews, from both professional and home cooks, that Hestan has created a superior piece of cookware. Let’s explore the technology that has made this brand so popular among kitchen aficionados.

This technology, accomplished using a high-heat vacuum chamber, bonds titanium and chromium in thousands of layers to a stainless steel base producing a finished product that is six times stronger than stainless steel. Branded by Hestan as “the first true innovation in stainless steel cookware in over 100 years”, NanoBond™ cookware may very well become a household standard – taking the place of stainless steel and cast iron.

Hestan Pots and Pans Set

Design and Usability

Hestan’s expertly crafted 8.5” open skillet is designed to give home cooks a professional feel with chef-inspired features such as flared rims and an easy grip French-style handle. How many commercial cookware brands can boast that their products are being used in professional kitchens and are standing up to the constant, every-day usage that professional chefs require of their cookware? In addition to its design features catered towards giving users a more professional feel, this little skillet is heat safe up to 1050F and still lasts up to five times longer than traditional cookware.

Flush rivets make for easy cleanup and prevent food and oil buildup like regularly fitted rivets

Although it is lighter in weight than traditional skillets, this model offers 20% more cooking area than its counterparts, allowing you to make full use of your cookware. All NanoBond™ products are oven and broiler safe making them ideal for stovetop to oven cooking – with uses for everything from searing the perfect, juicy steak to making your grandmother’s pan-roasted pork tenderloin! Each NanoBond™ product is designed with flush rivets both inside and out, making hand washing easier than ever – no need for intense scrubbing to remove food or oil buildup. While this skillet is designed to be easy to clean, Hestan has also made it dishwasher safe for those lazy clean-up nights. No more worrying about putting your “good pan” in the dishwasher and ruining it!

NanoBond™ technology has made each product scratch resistant from steel wool and other harsh cleaning tools, resistant to staining and salt-pitting, and Hestan has added a lifetime warranty to support their claims of durability. This skillet’s scratch resistant nature means that metal utensils are not off-limits (no reason to buy new cooking materials!) and its stainless-steel base makes it induction cooktop safe.

Final Thoughts

Finding negatives for this product is honestly a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. Some consumers complain of the loss of shine that occurs with continued use of this product, however, Hestan solves this problem by including a personalized cleaner that renews the glossy shine of the polished stainless-steel exterior and interior with just a couple of drops and a rinse with warm water. The only real “con” for any of the available Hestan NanoBond™ products, this little skillet included, is the price – a full ten piece set will likely set you back around $1,800USD.

While many may see the price as a deterrent, most standard cookware items come with warranties that range from five to ten years; each and every NanoBond™ product carries a lifetime warranty! Although spending less money on a cookware set may be of great appeal, having kitchen cookware that is guaranteed for life, is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and oven and broiler safe may be more than worth it for most.

If you’re interested in testing out higher-end cookware without the commitment of purchasing an entire kitchen set, this beautiful, sleek 8.5″ skillet is the perfect place to start. Hestan has created a truly magnificent line of cookware in the NanoBond™ series – you’ll enjoy using this cookware each and every time, whether frying eggs for breakfast or pan searing the perfect piece of fish.



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