It’s no secret we were a fan of the Molekule Air Purifier when it first came out. We were one of the first publications to get a test unit, and we just loved it’s simplicity and quiet operation. We also liked the concept behind Molekule, which works differently than traditional HEPA-based air filtration units.

Instead of focusing on super fine filters in a race to capture the most air particulates, Molekule focus’s on destroying the air particulates. It does this by way of it’s PECO technology, where a chemical reaction is triggered on the filter membrane itself – oxidizing the particulates as they become trapped there.

Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini side-by-side comparison

Molekule Air Mini

Enter the latest addition to the Molekule family, the smaller sized Air Mini. If the original Molekule was a hard sell because of the price point, the new Mini may be the unit for you. At only $399, it’s half the cost of the full size Molekule unit but cleans the air just as well as the original.

This unit is perfect for small rooms, 250 sq ft and under. Small and white, with a metal housing and the same easy controls – the Molekule mini setup couldn’t be more simple.

It comes wrapped in a beautiful cloth travel bag. Once unwrapped, there is only a single power button the top of the unit to clue you in on the controls. There are five different fan speeds to choose from, but to clean the air in your room quickly you will want to set it on high at first. Then you can drop it down to one of the lower speeds and it will run quietly all day long.

The control panel is similar to the larger Molekule, as it is run by a touch control button on the top of the unit. To turn the unit on or off, just press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

The Molekule Mini also doesn’t emit light like it’s larger brother. The light diodes are placed in the core of the unit, and they case UV rays on the black PECO filter, so very little light escapes from it’s enclosure. This is a big plus – as the few complaints we would hear about the Molekule Air was the amount of light it would cast in a room.

The replacement cycle is every 3 months, and replacement filter subscription is $99/year which will get you 2 filters every six months. Replacing the filter is simple. You simply turn off the unit, press down on the outer shell and twist. The outside case unlocks and slides off.

The PECO Filter in the Air Mini

We’ve been using the Molekule Mini for about two months now in our kids room and it appears to be working well. It’s quiet and unobtrusive.

The mini model does not use any app, it functions more like a standard air filter with the on/off/speed switch. There are little LED status lights at the top to let you know what speed you are on, or when it’s time to change the filter.

Final Thoughts

For $399, this is all the technology of the full size Molekule unit in a much smaller package. Yes, the fan and filter is smaller, but this is a filter geared more towards bedroom use. Overall, we are pleased with the operation of the Molekule Air Mini and will continue using it in our kids bedroom.

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