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Viking Twitter Giveaway

Congratulations to the Winner of our Viking Twitter Contest, @joannaonthelake, you've won yourself a brand new Viking Hand Blender Set!!! We want to give a BIG thank you to the over 100 people who participate... Read More...
Miele Speed Oven Front

Miele Speed Oven REVIEW – H4082BM

If I had to pick one appliance that I would have to put in my new kitchen, it would be the Miele Speed Oven. You might think this small appliance is nothing more than a microwave with a toaster oven retrofitted to the inside. But you’d be wrong. Very wrong…
Electrolux Icon Dishwasher Professional

Electrolux Icon Dishwasher REVIEW – Professional Series

The stylish design of this Electrolux Icon dishwasher that is available with either polished stainless-steel door, or custom wooded panel to match your cabinetry, adds a stunning statement to any modern or traditional kitchen. The stainless steel interior will retain its original luster for years to come, and you have the added satisfaction of energy star certification that guarantees electrical efficiency, reduced water consumption and a consequently smaller environmental footprint.
Viking Refrigerator Review

Viking Refrigerator Review – VCSB Side by Side

This superbly designed (VCSB) Viking refrigerators blend convenient side-by-side freezer and refrigerator compartments with the latest styling and technology to present a best-available preservation solution. State of the art accessories include water and cubed-or-crushed ice dispensers, while cutting-edge technology ensures safe and odor-free preservation of food.