The stylish design of this Electrolux Icon dishwasher comes in three ways. You can have it in stainless with either a Professional Handle or a Designer Handle, or you can have it bare, with the ability to mount a custom wood panel to match your cabinetry, which can add a stunning statement to any modern or traditional kitchen. The all stainless steel interior will retain its original luster for years to come, and you have the added satisfaction of Energy Star certification that guarantees electrical efficiency, reduced water consumption and a consequently smaller environmental footprint. Electrolux’s new technology and after-sales service is slowly starting to generate buzz in the American home appliance market. Let’s see what all the fuss is about…

Electrolux Icon Dishwasher Interior

The designers of this Electrolux dishwasher series incorporated a fully integrated and dead-simple control panel which is neatly fit atop of the door. The stay-in-place door is a really innovative feature which keeps the door exactly where you put it. You can leave it in any swing position and it will stay. This makes it so when you open the dishwasher, gravity can’t swing the door down to hit you in the knees. Dense insulation packing is concealed within the stainless cladding to ensures very low operation noise. The unit looks solid and well built from the outside.

It appears Electrolux has made every effort to impress with the versatile nylon racking system they’ve installed inside their optimized tall-tub dishwasher. Some of the more useful features include adjustable fold-down tines and stemware holders in the top rack. The top rack is also fully removable, allowing you the capability of washing much larger items that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to accommodate. In the tray below are further neat accessories including special storage for smaller items, a utility shelf tray, and the usual silverware storage basket.

This Model EDW7505HPS Electrolux Icon dishwasher provides choices between normal, auto-wash, Eco-wash, and even a perfect stemware wash cycle. Options within these include air dry, NSF certified sanitizing, and delayed start timer for up to 24 hours.

Electrolux Icon Dishwasher Interior Door

The new Electrolux Icon dishwasher seems to really add a fresh breath of innovation and design to the mid-range dishwasher class. When I compare this unit to the other top of the line mid-range dishwashers – such as the GE Profile, Kitchenaid, and the Bosch Integra and Evolution, – for the money it seems to be the better machine. It is also the quietest in this class from my experience. At at estimated sell price of around $1,450 – the Electrolux Icon Professional Dishwasher is offering a powerful price/performance package that most manufacturers cannot currently beat.

Pros: stay in place door, quietest in its class (i don’t care what consumer reports says), fair price

Cons: costs slightly more to get it with the pro-handle over the designer.

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