This superbly designed (VCSB) Viking refrigerators blend convenient side-by-side freezer and refrigerator compartments with the latest styling and technology to present a best-available preservation solution. State of the art accessories include water and cubed-or-crushed ice dispensers, while cutting-edge technology ensures safe and odor-free preservation of food.


The ruggedly professional look of top-end Viking side by side refrigerator will complement any kitchen design, thanks to the streamlined flush-fit styling and the exceptionally wide array of color choices available. The Viking side by side refrigerator can be had in over 20 different colors!  A range of custom panel models will blend seamlessly into your choice of cabinetry, while concealed trim allows perfect integration into your designer kitchen.

Viking Refrigerator VCSB with Dispenser


The ProChill temperature-management system on the 48” Viking side-by-side refrigerator teams with the super-silent variable-speed DC Overdrive compressor in order to consistently maintain temperature within 1°F. These and other advanced features ensure that you can store the whole range of foodstuffs available to you under ideal conditions of humidity and temperature, while the multi-channel airflow evaporator and odor eliminator do away with the possibility of flavor contamination. The Viking Refrigerators standard features include a large capacity ice bucket with viewing panel, three adjustable wire shelves, slide-out wire basket storage, three aluminum door bins and an audible door alarm.

Simplicity of Operation

Experts have designed the Viking built-in refrigerator for ease of operation and service. The super clog-resistant condenser is maintenance-free and the ion air purifying filters need never be replaced. Internal components are removable for carry-to-the-sink cleaning, while the handy lift-off top grill allows you to clean the unit safely and even change the light bulb.

The (VCSB) Viking Built-In Side-by-Side 48” Refrigerator with Dispenser is a perfect blend of design and technology, and represents the ideal up-market solution to the food storage needs of a discerning executive home.

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