Wolf Convection Steam Oven - CSO24 Rating and Review
Design and Styling7.5
Build Quality7.5
Ease of Use5
Value for Money4
  • Functionally works very well
  • Backed by Wolf's generous warranty and service network
  • Control Panel is confusion and unrewarding.
  • No broiling element.
6.3Overall Score
Reader Rating: (3 Votes)

In this Wolf Steam Oven review, I’d like to talk about a truly versatile machine that will give you an edge over your cooking the competition. The new Wolf Steam Oven offers some amazing solutions for pampered chefs, recreational cooks, housewives, and everyone in between. The potency of water combined with astounding convection air flow technology yields professional, healthy results without stress and timely investments. This unit is a small, commercial style combi-steam oven, the type of unit that is essential in any high-end restaurant’s kitchen.

It has been a long time coming for this machine, and while Wolf’s first steam offing is not made entirely in-house, it seems that whichever manufacturer they chose does build a solid piece of equipment. It is 24″ wide (60cm) which leads us to believe it was definitely sourced from a European manufacturer.

The Wolf Steam Oven comes with 12 available modes along with various preferences and options. The steam mode, for example, is ideal for several things such as preparing vegetables, poaching fish, and defrosting items straight from the freezer. The frozen option that you will find under the wolf gourmet-mode likewise allows you to select a setting specifically made for frozen foods such as appetizers and finger foods.

Another valuable mode to reduce the waste of unwanted leftovers is the reheat option.You can get results that surpass any microwave and save money by stretching your meals. This option revives up to four dishes evenly and proportionately and can even handle stale bread. Wolf asserts, as is well-known, that steam and hot air will retain the moisture of your food and avoid drying out and burning.

Lastly, for bakers, the auto steam bake mode is what really sells this product. It gives pastries light and crispy finishes and lovely egg wash effects without the extra effort. The auto steam bake mode also heats up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit and is good for a variety of baked goods both fresh or frozen. Additional modes are the convection, convection humid, convection steam, slow roast, keep warm, descale and cleanse modes.You have the ability to create your own cooking modes and store them under “My Recipes” for use at a later date.

Other specs include its spacious interior (large enough for an exceptional turkey), refillable water tank along with insert-able perforated and non-perforated pans. Likewise it is furnished with two adjustable wire racks (fitting into four slots), clear viewing window, halogen lighting, an included temperature probe (a must!) and all stainless steel interior.

The MSRP price of over $4,000. is comparable to similar machines of its size and capability.

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