Over the past five years, induction cooktops have all but completed overtaken their electric radiant counterparts. And now, it seems, induction ranges are about to do the same.

The Viking VISC530-4B Induction Range is a 30″ professional range, based on the same Professional Series that has been so highly regarded for decades. At 475 pounds, it is one of the most well-built induction ranges on the market today, and the only to feature knob controls. The unit features Viking’s MagneQuick induction elements, with exceptionally responsive power generators and precise control.

While the induction top of the unit is one of the best on the market (and we won’t go into the specifics of induction science here), the real draw for this unit is the oven below. By far, this is the best oven in any induction range on the market in our opinion. The extra-large capacity oven features Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection, essentially a large fan with two speeds and the ability to switch directions. The glass enclosed infrared broiler is a cut above the rest and gets to temperature extremely quick. The Rapid-Ready pre-heat system and Concealed Bake Element round out the feature-set

Unfortunately, the restaurant build-quality and feature-set does come at a price. The stainless version can be had for right around $6,599. And while that’s no bargain, Viking’s new warranty sure makes it a worthwhile investment: a full bumper to bumper 3 year warranty, 5 years on the surface and burners, and 10 years on the porcelain oven. At this price point, can’t beat it.

Pros: Rock solid build-quality, infrared broiler, available in 24 colors. 

Cons: Price, no LCD panel like the Dual Fuel ranges?

Anthony Rocco

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Founder and Editor of Appliance Buyer's Guide. With over 10 years experience selling appliances and designing kitchens, and having grown up in the business, I have a unique perspective on todays offerings in the Appliance world. Currently Managing Director at The Kitchenworks in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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  1. notaskinnycook

    I bought this model in October 2012 and agree it is good but has quality control issues as well as a safety problem. It arrived with a plug and lead both rated 40amp but its max load is 54.9amp so needs a 60amp circuit. (I think this may account for some comments about it being noisy etc) My hob works well and I am very pleased with it but the oven did not heat up properly at first so Viking sent a new control board because they admitted to having had some faulty ones – not what I expected with a range this expensive. It took 3 more service visits and more parts before the oven maintained the correct temperature. Viking Customer Service called me yesterday in response to my December letter and were baffled as to why I had complained when the appliance was now working.

  2. rachelle thomas

    My entire kitchen is Viking and I’ve never been happier. This model has been great, never a problem. I recommend viking to anyone looking for kitchen appliances.

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