Today we are going to talk a little bit about the Wolf 36′ Gas Cooktop, probably one of the best buys on the market right now as far as value for money. This cooktop right now retails for right around $2,000 and it is a fantastic cooktop for the money.

Wolf’s CG365P, 36″ Gas Cooktop

First, let’s take a look at the build quality and how this thing is fashioned. The entire case of this cooktop is one solid piece of stainless steel that’s bent and polished at the edges, even through the inside.

If I take out one of these grates and I move it, you’ll see here it’s seamless. There are no lines anywhere, no pieces. Everything is bent in and molded to this perfect, sealed burner configuration that you have here.

The thing that really makes this Wolf Gas Cooktop special over a lot of other gas cooktops is its dual-stacked burner design, and what I mean by that is if you take a look at the burners here — I’ll get up nice and close — they have two different sets of ports for them.

So, when you fire up the burner on its high settings, it’s going to fire all these ports at the top. You’re going to let a lot of gas out and create lots of high heat. On these burners I believe they go up to 18,000 BTUs.

Simmer Burner Ports

High Burner Ports

But then, if you continue on and you go to your simmer setting, it’s going to turn off the valve for this gas and turn on a new valve. it’s basically going to switch the valve to these ports below.

These ports are much smaller and give you whole simmer range, which is really nice because then you can get your heat on these burners down to a much lower temperature than you can normally get if you just had everything running through the same burner up top here.

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So, if you look at your controls you’ll see all your dials are laser etched into the stainless steel, so they can never rub off. They’re totally laser etched.

Sealed Burner Tray Constructed of One Solid Piece of Stainless

You’ll see here, as you turn her on, you’ve got your whole series of high settings, from high all the way to low. And if you keep on going past that you’re going to hear a “click click click” and switch. Now you have your whole simmer range from high simmer all the way down to low simmer.

And then, in the case of this particular cooktop, these back two burners are going to let you get to a melt-level heat setting on that simmer. When you get there [simmer settings] it’s going to allow you to keep chocolate tempered or keep a sauce from breaking. It’s going to be able to get you down to something crazy like 150/160 BTUs, which is not possible to get if you didn’t have that dual stack burner design.

So, really great piece for the money at $2,000. This is not a lot of money more than you’re going to find if you buy a GE Cafe Cooktop, a Jenn-Air Cooktop, or a Thermador Cooktop. And to be honest with you, it’s higher quality with a much better warranty.

So, this is the Wolf CG36 Gas Cooktop.


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