Updated 04/16/18:  New Youtube video showing the new ceramic burners in action below.


We have it on good authority that Lynx, one of the premier Outdoor BBQ grill manufacturers in the U.S. market, will likely be introducing an all new ceramic burner design for their Professional Series grills in Q2 or Q3 of 2018.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Lynx was already leading the pack in burner design, as they were one of the first manufacturers to construct their burners out of cast brass instead of the usual stainless steel tubes. This allowed them to warranty the burners for life as cast brass dramatically increased the usable lifespan.

Cast Brass was a great material to craft burners out of as it is extremely resistant to corrosion. Burners on BBQs located in especially hostile environments like yachts and beach houses performed exceptionally. About the only maintenance these burners required was unplugging the carbon from dried fats and foods that could sometimes plug the burner holes over time.

Rendering of New Ceramic Burner Design

Ceramics Are Coming, to Appliances Near You

With the prices of Ceramic production dropping significantly over the past 5 years, expect to see many more high-end appliance manufacturers incorporating machined ceramics into their product designs.

These new ceramic burner design on the Lynx Outdoor BBQ likely has a few advantages over the old cast brass burners:

  1. More even heat distribution, as they can will have much more leeway in what shapes they can manufacture in ceramic. The new design appears to be a two-piece molding, that spreads the flame evenly around the burner area.
  2. No more plugged burner holes. Ceramics are more heat conductive than brass would get so hot that they would incinerate any food or deposits that land on the burners, turning them to ash to blow away.

One downside ceramics have over other metals is that they are prone to brittleness and cracking over time. Will be interesting to see if Lynx can ensure their burners will not crack, or if Lynx will continue to warranty the burners for life.

Look for Lynx to make an announcement with details in the coming months.


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