This superior addition to the well-known series of  (VGIQ) Viking grills adds space-age technology to solid reliability, providing a superb solution to outdoor meal preparation under all conditions. Features include solid, all-stainless steel construction, ease of operation and a full range of accessories. All equipment comes with a one-year warranty on the complete unit, plus  a lifetime guarantee against stainless steel rust.


Viking Built-in Smoker BoxYour neighbors and friends will be impressed by the rugged industrial design of your new Viking outdoor grill, and even more so by the superb meals that you can effortlessly prepare using a wide range of accessories. The grill top can be had on it’s own, for integration into outdoor cabinetry, or with a cart. The removable smoker box allows effortless smoking without the need for charcoal. In no time at all, you will have mastered the Viking grill’s well positioned controls and be wondering why people eat-out or take-in when they could save money by producing the same quality food at home.

Cooking Convenience

Using the wide range of accessories available on your Viking T-Series Super Premium Outdoor Grill you can prepare virtually any culinary masterpiece that you can think of. Flavor generator plates beneath the grill catch the juices and drippings, adding steakhouse-taste to meats while you cook and allowing for easy clean up. The Tru-Sear infrared burner is something no restaurant can do without. Allowing you to instantly sear the outside of your meat, locking in the juices and flavors. The rotisserie attachment will produce a perfect roast using the gourmet-glow infrared rotisserie burner and handy thermometer.

Viking Flavor Grates Viking Electric Ignition Button

Ease of Operation

Viking TruSear BurnerThe manufacturers have designed their range of Viking grills to maximize ease of operation, and cleaning up afterwards too. Electronic ignition ensures perfect firing up every time. Drippings vaporize on the Tru-Sear burner making clean up effortless. The porcelain-coated cooking grates clean up easily back to showroom condition. Beneath the easy cleaning stainless steel exterior, 29,000 BTU stainless steel burners provide all the cooking power you need to produce the perfect meal.

The Viking T-Series Super Premium Outdoor Grill is the superb solution to the serious outdoor chef seeking a long-lasting piece of equipment providing superior cooking performance.

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