It may not be the typical brand name you may think about when you consider kitchen appliances, but Panasonic has created an incredibly functional and multi-featured product in their Prestige microwave oven. The oven has been so well designed, in fact, that it has received the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. In addition to the core set of features installed by Panasonic, the Prestige microwave oven provides a clean look combined with a modern feel that seems to merge technology and simplicity.

The Panasonic NNSD297SR features an modern-looking stainless steel exterior. While the exterior provides a sleek look, it doesn’t help the functionality – and in that arena, Panasonic has installed an incredible set of buttons and dials which not only make cooking food easy, but that make finding the right setting dead simple.

The microwave includes a turbo defrost setting, a one-touch ”genius” sensor and even a special inverter that works to ensure that your food will be ready faster and cooked more evenly than before. This improved inverter is more efficient and even more consistent than the previous releases of Panasonic microwaves, and now seems to work better to provide the taste of food cooked in a conventional oven.

The Prestige microwave does need to be mounted on the wall over a range. The microwave has a removable louver at the top, which can be removed to assist with venting for the oven; it also functions as the hood for the stove below it. The 2 cu. ft. of space on the inside is enough to satisfy my demands and is big enough to make sure you can cook enough food to feed a family of four.

Users who took the time to review this product praised its simple and easy-to-use nature, its attractive design, its easy cleaning ability, its power, and its even heating capabilities. And we have to agree, although we take issue with Panasonic’s choice of make the door spring opened instead of giving it a proper handle. Often times we end up hitting ourselves in the face.

A multilingual display, 1200W of cooking power, and a 12-inch turntable are all focused on making you a cooking superstar – and at a selling price of $479, it’s a steal of a deal.

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