As our 2016 comes to a close, Samsung releases some new built-in appliances it has never offered before. New to market is a built-in single electric oven, a double oven, a few new cooktops, and a wall hood to match. In this article we take a quick look at what is coming, both in features and in pricing, and hopefully soon we can get our hands on these products to give you a more in-depth report on how they are to use in real life.

UPDATE (04/05/17): It appears that while these appliances are still being offered by Samsung, they have since rolled much of the new technology behind this line into their Dacor Modernist line they’ve created after acquiring Dacor Appliances.

Samsung Built-In Appliances

Samsung dipped its toe in the built-in space a couple years back with their 48″ Built-In Refrigerator, the RS27FDBTNSR, which was hit with mixed reviews from the start.

Samsung Built-in Single Oven

High-end looks, with lots of promising features…

A high price tag and unreliable service track record made for a rough start. Our firsthand experience was much worse than the online customer reviews would suggest. Of the three we sold last year, one unit was very quickly in for service and no amount of servicers could fix the problem. In the end, Samsung was at least good enough to refund the client their purchase price in full.

Our hope is that these new built-in appliances were designed and tested a little more thoroughly.


Samsung’s New Built-In Wall Ovens

Steam-assist cooking at this price range is unheard of.

The all new Samsung Built-In Single Wall Oven with Flex Duo technology (Model #NV51K7770SG/AA) is an impressive first run at the higher end wall oven vertical. Priced to compete with the likes of the Bertazzoni Wall Oven and the Electrolux Wall Oven, it is offering more features than each can currently muster. To highlight just a few…

Flex Duo Splits the Oven Cavity into Two

Noteworthy Features:

  • Steam Cook feature – allows you to cook using Steam, a feature currently only offered by higher end brands like Wolf, Miele and Gaggenau.
  • “Digital-Analog” controls – combining the ease of use of Knob controls with a very informative touch LED display.
  • “Flex Duo” Smart Divider – splits the oven cavity into essentially two separate cooking areas, each with their own convection fan.
  • “Gourmet Cook” – pre-programmed recipe guide to allow easier operation for those who are not sure how to proceed with their new purchase from the butcher.
  • Smartphone integration through WiFi. Control your temperature, start/stop cooking, all from your Android phone.

Ships very soon, at a very decent MSRP of $2,899.

Samsung’s New Cooktops

36″ All Electric Cooktop, New for 2017

Pushing the envelope further, Samsung now offers cooktops (instead of just stand-alone ranges) in all fuel types: electric, induction, and gas. Prices reflect a direct bulls-eye on Kitchenaid / Whirlpool’s back, let’s take a quick look at the feature-set that will ship on Samsung’s first generation cooktops:

Magnetic knob control is very impressive in theory. In-real-life reports awaiting.

Samsung Electric (NZ36K7570RS) and Induction (NZ36K7880US) Cooktop Features:

  • Rapid Boil Element – Boosts up to 3,300 Watts of power to quickly bring your water to a boil for you.
  • Magnetic Control Knob – dubbed “Digital-Analog” control, this is a really neat feature where a magnetic knob can placed on the glass top over the controls and allows you to easily control the heat level without having to touch the glass controls. We have yet to try this out in person, but if it works as well as advertised it could be a game changer.
  • Link burners for use with Griddle.

    Sync Burners: Sync two burners to work together for extra large pot or griddle placement.

  • Bluetooth Sync:  this cooktop can be synced to your Samsung hood via Bluetooth so that the hood will start automatically when you begin cooking on the cooktop.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity:  Smartphone can be integrated through the Wifi so you can start your cooktop from your phone. Who needs this feature?
  • Prices: Electric ($1,399) and Induction ($2,399)


Samsung’s New Gas Cooktop for 2017

Samsung Gas Cooktop (NA30K7750TG) Features:

  • 22K BTU Power – Center burner is a powerhouse dual ring 22K btu flex burner. Pretty standard “must-have” feature at this price point.
  • Cast Iron Griddle Plate

    LED Backlit Knobs – Beautiful looking knobs are backlit with a blue LED backlight.

  • Bluetooth Sync: Same connectivity feature the electric burners have, which communicates with the Samsung hood and activates it once the burners are in-use.
  • Amazing Accessories: One thing that is a nice added bonus that most brands don’t offer, Samsung is including a beautiful cast iron griddle with these as well as a special grate for using a Wok with your cooktop. This is a very good start.
  • Priced around $1,500, depending upon the finish selection.

Samsung’s New Wall Hood – NK36K7000WG

Samsung’s New Wall Hood

With this push into the high-end, Samsung was long over-due for a wall hood option.

  • Slick, stainless steel baffle filters for catching the grease and oil. Dishwasher safe.
  • 600 CFM Blower mother included.
  • ADA compliant, height can be adjusted to suit for install.
  • Wifi Connectivity / Bluetooth Connectivity, connects to all the other appliances Samsung is offering in the built-in range.
  • Priced at $1,299./$1,199. respective to finish.

Samsung’s New Wall hood in Black


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