Miele Futura Lumen Dishwasher Review - G6565SCVi
Miele still reigns supreme when it comes to designing the ultimate dishwashing machine.
Design & Styling9
Ease of Use9.5
Build Quality9.5
Value For Money8.3
Service and Parts Availability9
  • AutoSensor tech ensures every cycle, regardless of mode chosen, is run in the most efficent way possible.
  • AutoOpen feature ensures dishes dry completely
  • Service network is currently one of the best in the nation
  • Price is fair, but Miele's installation costs are higher than national average.
  • Only 1 year warranty by default. We'd like to see at least 2 years at this price level.
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In this Miele Dishwasher Review, we go over the features of Miele’s newest model, the Futura Lumen Dishwasher G6565SCVI.

Dishwashers are the answer to every homemaker’s prayer. A machine that washes and dries your dishes for you can be nothing but a Godsend. The Miele Futura Lumen Dishwasher (G6565SCVI SF) is a beautiful, built-in series appliance with 11 wash programs and 5 program options – and that’s just to start.


Miele Dishwasher Review – Futura Lumen G6565SCVi SF


Miele Futura Lumen Dishwasher, G6565SCVi SF

One major feature of this dishwasher is the FlexiTimer – which which allows you to choose a start time or finish time you would like the dishwasher to run at. This allows you hold the dishes in the dishwasher and not have the program run until late at night when no one is around.

As with all of our dishwasher reviews, here is the full list of wash modes included in the Miele Futura Lumen Dishwasher:

  • Economy mode – water and energy saving program is perfect for mixed loads.
  • Normal – Ideal for normal, everyday mixed load of dishware with average soiled dishes.
  • Pots and Pans – Maximum cleaning performance: Pots, pans, etc. are cleaned residue-free.
  • China and Crystal – Signature wash program that gently cares for temperature sensitive glassware.
  • Express Wash – Short program duration: Cleans mixed loads with fresh food deposits in only half an hour.
  • SaniWash – Runs temperatures high enough to remove germs from baby bottles, chopping boards, utensils, etc.
  • Extra Quiet Mode – Barely acoustic: For mixed loads with slightly dried-on food deposits.
  • Maintenance Mode – For cleaning the machine after a long period of use.
  • Grease and Filters – For cleaning grease filters from ventilation hoods.

A Dishwasher Designed to Save Money

Many people complain of the prices of household appliances and doubt the positive effect it can have on long-term savings. However, Miele has created a dishwasher that will essentially pay itself off and save you more money the longer you use it. That’s a deal I doubt many people can afford to miss out on.

While this dishwasher has a million features designed to save you money, it is also jam packed with options designed simply to make the user’s life a bit easier. The Half Load setting senses the size of the load in the washer and automatically adjusts water usage and energy consumption accordingly – even if you don’t have a full load.

Sensor Dry technology uses both internal and external temperatures to calculate the best and most effective way to dry the dishes – traditional dishwashers can be affected by the conditions in your kitchen, leaving the dishes poorly dried and often watermarked. With Sensor Dry, external temperature is a non-issue and the machine’s built-in water softener helps to ensure your dishes are sparkly, clean and residue free.

miele G6565SCVi review

AutoSensor Technology

AutoSensor picks up on the level of debris in the water after the initial rinse and adjusts the machine’s temperature, time and water settings to match the intensity of the cleaning needed. So, if you underestimate your washing machine and use an (unnecessarily) high power setting to wash your caked-on, cheesy casserole dish – your machine will adjust its cycle to save you water and energy, and save your dish from spending too long being cleaned.

Now, features are great, but a proper racking system layout is essential. An impressive 3D cutlery tray that allows water and detergent to hit your cutlery from all angles, preventing any stray food particles from clinging onto your utensils. The Premium Comfort Basket comes with adjustable racks and four adjustable glass spikes and a bottle holder, all perfectly positioned for the best clean possible.

A Dishwasher Designed to Be Silent


Middle Rack is Adjustable to Fit Large Pans

At only 44 dB, your dishwasher could be running right in the middle of a library. No more noisy mechanical sounds and sloshing water to disrupt your home’s peaceful atmosphere. You may even forget it’s running. One great thing about machines is their ability to use sensors to complete tasks in the most efficient way possible.

At the end of the cycle, the dishwasher door opens automatically to allow any residual steam to escape and also serve as a silent and gentle reminder that your dishes are clean. Easily one of the favorite features of customers at the moment.

A 16 place setting capacity means you can comfortably fill your dishwasher without fear of compromising the efficiency of the machine – although, the size of your plates may be an issue since these place settings run slightly on the small side.

Miele still reigns supreme when it comes to designing the ultimate dishwashing machine. While they might not admit it, all other manufacturers watch them with a careful eye and duplicate whatever they can.

Miele is a UMRP price controlled product, like Apple, so there is no variation in pricing nationwide. Because they also service all their own products themselves, there is also little variation in their service nationwide… which is a big plus.

Miele does offer an additional 5 year warranty on these models that can be added at the time of purchase. Depending upon the model design, this dishwasher ranges from $1,599 – $1,799.

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