Miele’s Futura dishwasher series was very likely a game changer for the brand over the past 5 years. The features and innovations those dishwashers came to market with simply blew away the competition.

In fact, Bosch – the once great and illustrious name in dishwashing – has let it’s dishwashing line all but stagnate – with little to no improvement in their racking, drying, and most importantly… customer service.


It’s main German competitor Miele keeps pushing forward with new features and improvements, and the EcoFlex dishwasher series doesn’t look to disappoint.

Miele EcoFlex Dishwashers

Miele EcoFlex Diamond Dishwasher – G6935 SCi AM

At first glance, not much has changed. There are still five choices, at five different price levels. The base washing and sensor technology in these units have not changed, nor do they need to. Remember, the previous generation Futura Lumen earned the highest appliance rating on our website ever a few years back when we did our Miele Futura Dishwasher Review.

Interior Racking of new EcoFlex Dimension Dishwasher

What Miele has done with this new EcoFlex series is tweak things that needed tweaking and added features that push the boundary of efficiency and ease of use.

Auto-Open Drying Now Available in the Crystal

Out of all the features I can list to a customer about a Miele dishwasher, this one feature sold more Miele’s than any other by far: Auto-open drying.

Auto-open Drying is a feature unique to Miele

Everyone can see the simplicity and brilliance in automatically cracking open the door of the dishwasher at the end of the cycle to release excess heat and humidity.

Before, you had to buy at least the Futura Dimension model dishwasher, at $1,599. to get the Auto-Open Drying feature. Now this feature moves down to start at the Crystal unit and up. At $1,499 for a Crystal model, both the Miele G6625 SCU and the G6665 SCVi SF. Allowing you to spend $100 dollars less and still gain the vaulted feature.

Still holds the “Good Housekeeping” Seal of Approval

Updated Racking Improvements

Entirely new wine stem holders on the bottom rack now extend the entire lengths of each side and can be flipped down when needed. A yellow rubberized cushion holds stems securely without allowing them to shift in cleaning.

Miele Flexcare Stemholders

Rubberized Center Holders

New Cup Tabs

When not in use for stemware, small cups can be placed on these flip down racks as well.

In the second rack, a new stemware holder is added and flips out of the way when not in use. The left side also has a line of tines that sometimes can get in the way in certain situations. Those have been made adjustable as well so that they can lay flat when needed.

Top rack with advanced Flexcare

The cutlery tray has seen some improvement as well, now with flip up, rubberized knife holders, so that your chefs knives no longer fall down or rub against each other during the cycle.

When not needed, these tines can be folded down and out of the way so that large utensils can be laid in the center rack.

Knife holder with new flex tines

QuickIntense Wash Cycle – 58 minutes Wash and Dry

In conjunction with the release of their new UltraTabs dishwasher detergent, the new QuickPowerWash program will clean and dry your dishes in 58 minutes flat. Miele claims this fast program achieves the best cleaning performance A.*

* Best Cleaning Class A in less than an hour, only with Miele UltraTabs Multi. Certified by TÜV Rheinland: “The measured cleaning performance index of QuickPowerWash program, in conjunction with the Miele UltraTabs Multi 1.14, represents the best cleaning performance class A (reference machine tested with IEC detergent type B).”

Before on a typical residential Miele dishwasher, the fastest cycle which could both wash and dry the dishes was over an hour and a half. Miele now is able to cut that time down significantly by releasing their very own cleaning tabs which dissolve in under 3 minutes allowing all the detergent to be put into action immediately and thus allowing for a much quicker cleaning time.

EcoTech Heat Storage

A new and unique heat-exchange system is now included on the top two models, the Lumen and Diamond dishwashers.

Ecotech Heat Exchange System

The EcoTech Heat Storage reservoir is located on the right side of dishwasher. It features a unique system that takes the warm water from main wash cycle and holds it in a small exchange storage tank on the side of the unit. It then pulls its fresh water through a water line that zig zags through that same tank, and through heat transfer brings the fresh water into the unit already hot.

Since the water entering into the dishwasher is now much hotter than normal, it takes less energy to heat it to full temp, resulting in a even smaller energy usage.

Miele@Mobile App Connectivity

Miele on Apple Watch

Ever looked at your dishwasher and thought… I wish this connected to my WiFi!

Me neither.

But in our ever connected age of Internet of Things, this was certainly the next logical progression in Miele’s home connectivity push. You are able – through this new Miele app on Android or iOS – to start, stop, and see the status of your wash on your Miele dishwasher. You can even connect multiple dishwashers and users.

Miele @Mobile App

Launch Promotion – 12 Months of Free Cleaning Tabs!

Amazing promotion for launch of the new EcoFlex dishwashers to any purchases made between now and July 31st, 2017. Miele will pay for your cleaning detergent needs for up to a year! Just for purchasing any model Miele dishwasher from the Crystal up. (The Miele Classic entry-level model does not qualify.)

After purchase and registration, Miele will ship 14 boxes of their UltraTabs detergent. Enough for a whole year of use. Over $150 value!

You can make a purchase or read more here:

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