Already having been floating around at William-Sonoma for a year now, the new Miele CM5 Coffee System is now being sold by Miele dealers across the nation. The countertop machine, Miele’s first, features some of the same technology that made their built-in machine a huge hit in high-end kitchens. There are two models, the Miele CM5 5000 and CM5 5100. From what I can work out, the main difference between the two is that the cheaper version comes with a manual steam valve and the more expensive version comes with an electronic steam valve.

Keeping it simple (surprising for the Germans), the Miele CM5 features a lot less “modes” than the equivelent Jura or DeLonghi, but its purist design features all the modes you’ll probably ever need. Espresso, Double Espresso, Coffee, Double Coffee. That’s it. The milk steaming unit is fully adjustable, from steamed milk all the way to frothed and everything in-between. The addition of a double walled stainless steel canister is appreciated, as it makes it easy to put unused milk back in the refrigerator for later.

One feature on the Miele CM5 that is notably missing from other Italian SuperAutomatic Coffee Machines is a removable brew head, making cleaning the unit a much more simple task. Just pop the tabs on the side of the unit and unlock the brew unit to slide out. Another useful feature that isn’t on many other countertop units out there is the cup warmer. The top of the unit features a warm steel platform for keeping your cups warm.  Starting at well under $2,000, the unit is actually priced very well against its Italian competitors. Couple that with the fit and finish of Miele’s (always) impressive build-quality, and we think this machine is a winner. The unit comes in black or white.

Pros: Excellent price/performance, cup warmer, simple design, Miele built and serviced.

Cons: Milk steamer is not programmable, so either you’ll love having full control, or hate having full control.

Anthony Rocco

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