Miele Aura Island Hood Review DA 7000 D
Design & Styling8
Ease of Use8
Build Quality9.1
Value for Money6.6
Service and Parts Availability9
  • Unique and eye-catching styling for applications where venting is not an option
  • Fit and finish is impeccable
  • Dishwasher safe filters
  • Price is hefty, even by Miele standards
  • Out of the box warranty could be longer
8Overall Score
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The Miele name is synonymous with quality, class, and style. The German maker of high-end domestic appliances, fitted kitchens, and commercial medical equipment has been in business for over a hundred years, and has made their premium home products available in the United States since 1983 when they opened a corporate headquarters location in Somerset, New Jersey (which later moved to Princeton).

The family-owned company was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. From the very beginning, the founders’ philosophy revolved around a simple slogan which was printed on the very first machines they manufactured – “Immer besser”. Translated, this phrase means “Always better” and is a philosophy the company still operates by to this day. Constant innovation, improvement, and the highest quality standards are hallmarks of Miele’s self-proclaimed commitment to its customers, owners, employees, suppliers, the environment, and to society at large.

recirculation-miele-hood-da-7000-aura-controlpanelThe Aura Island Hood

Among the many premium household products made by the German manufacturer are vacuum cleaners, washers and dryers, dishwashers, ranges and ovens, built-in refrigerators and freezers, and even coffee makers. In addition, Miele also makes cooking hoods; this review will focus on the DA 7000 D Aura Island Ventilation Hood.

The sleek Aura Island Ventilation Hood is the perfect combination of modern yet classic style and advanced functionality. Designed to provide filtering and recirculation of the air surrounding an island cooktop, this unique, ellipse-shaped hood brings a contemporary and modernized feel to the upscale kitchen. With a shiny black and white finish, the DA 7000 D is engineered to enhance sleek kitchen décor and is bound to become a much admired centerpiece of your home entertaining and a conversation starter as your guests mingle around your kitchen island. Say goodbye to ugly, old-fashioned range hoods and say hello to Miele style, quality, and reliability.

Specifications of the DA 7000 D Aura Island Ventilation Hood:

  • Width – 40”
  • Maximum CFM setting – 350 (CFM means cubic feet per minute, which applies to the amount of air being recirculated out of the hood as it runs – the higher the number, the more air is being recirculated per minute)
  • Electrical requirements – 120 V, 60 Hz, 10 amps
  • Electrical rating – 160 W (blower – 100 W, halogen lights – 3 at 20 W each)
  • Dimensions – 39 3/8”w X 6 5/16”h X 27 9/16”h
  • Minimum installation distance above cooktop – Electric: 24”, Gas: 26” (30” for cooktop brands other than Miele)
  • Cord length (included) – 5.9 ft.

Now that we know the installation and specification information, let’s take a look at the luxury features included in this deceptively simple appearing cooking hood.

miele_aura_cooktop_hoodFeatures of the DA 7000 D:

  • Sleek, stylish touch on glass controls with LED indicators
  • Four-speed fan with delayed shut-off
  • Grease and OdorFree charcoal filter saturation indicator
  • Three integrated halogen lights with dimming capability
  • Stainless steel grease filters that are dishwasher safe

The smooth integrated touch controls allow you to effortlessly operate the Aura Island Hood while keeping cleaning a breeze. The LED indicator lights inform you of the operation you’re performing – whether it’s turning on one or all three of the dimmable halogen lights, or setting the four-speed fan (which comes equipped with an intensive speed as well as a delayed shut-down feature). There is also an indicator light that tells you the saturation status of the OdorFree charcoal filter.
The stainless steel grease filters can be put through the dishwasher without risk of discoloration or wear – they’ll look as good when they come out as they did going in, only better because they’ll be shiny and clean, just like new. In addition, both the grease and charcoal filters are individually programmable for the desired number of running hours.

The Competition

While companies like Küppersbusch (another German mainstay, in business for over 140 years and founders of the world’s first range factory), Viking, and Dacor all manufacture top of the line luxury island cooktop hoods, none has produced a hood quite like the DA 7000 D. Most of the available island hoods, even those manufactured by makers of high-end kitchen equipment with a reputation for quality and style, still retain the look of a typical metal cooktop hood.

The Miele DA 7000 D Aura stands out above the competition due to its incredibly unique, low profile look and its dual-filtration system. The combination of charcoal and washable stainless steel grease filters means that unpleasant odors, steam, and grease are efficiently removed from your cooking area, leaving only the scent of fresh, delicious food.


Using the hood is extremely simple, with only 3 setting options, however because the hood hangs on thin wires the pressure from pushing the buttons will set the hood swinging in the air. This is because at first you will want to man-handle it like a normal hood. Once you get used to the fact that it can take a much lighter touch this issue is quickly resolved.

When choosing any home appliance or piece of kitchen equipment you want to consider not only the product’s looks and features, but also what happens after the purchase. At a price point of nearly $4000, the DA 7000 D is no small decision. On the plus side, if a problem should occur within the warranty period (or you have opted to purchase Miele’s extended service plan), the company arranges the service call for you and has a solid reputation for being top notch in customer service. As the company touts, “When you call Miele, you get Miele”. According to brand loyalists, this means getting an actual human on the phone rather than a frustrating series of digital prompts.

Overall the Aura Island Ventilation Hood is a feature-packed, stylish, quality kitchen air recirculator not quite like anything else available on the market today. Whether you choose the Miele Aura or another hood, when spending a considerable amount of money on any major home purchase you should take into consideration whether the features and design fit your needs and décor, as well as the warranty and other service factors that may come into play after the purchase.

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