It wasn’t until I became a home owner, that I finally realized what purpose those range hoods over your oven serve, and let me tell you – I would never live without one. Having a dedicated fan to remove unwanted heat, air and smells makes a huge difference in the modern kitchen. One of my personal favorites for this is the Bosch DUH301. This product is designed to look beautiful in your home and be functional without taking up much space.

The first thing you notice when you see this range hood is that it is exceptionally small. The overall dimensions are 4.75” x 30” x 20”, so this product will only take up 4.75” of height in your kitchen. It can easily be mounted under your cabinet, and is quiet enough to be used without the noise level getting excessive. The range hood comes in black and stainless steel, and requires a distance of at least 30” above the range. It sports a 280 CFM blower, with three speeds.

Bosch Wall Hood It is beautifully crafted and features top and rear venting as well as two well placed incandescent lights. Having the lights are a huge help as you can use them for everything from additional cooking lights to having a light on during night time. Another welcomed feature is that this unit can be used as a recirculating hood, should you have no way to vent it. But remember, recirculating is simply moving the air through the filters and back around the room instead of sending it out. It’s not the ideal solution, but for some it is the only option – and this hood will do both.

This product is right in the lower price tier for range hoods at a little over $300 USD; but the performance and size will easily show you the money was well invested. By far my favorite part about this range hood is that the filters are mesh and are 100% dishwasher safe. No more taking your filter out in the backyard to wash, just throw it in your dishwasher and it will come out as good as new. If you are looking for a quality range hood, you could do worse than picking up the Bosch DUH301.

Pros: Small and compact, dishwasher safe, low price.

Cons: Some complain it’s a bit noisy, only two color options.

Anthony Rocco

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