Lynx Professional Outdoor Grill L36PSR-2 Review
Impressive build-quality for a fair price considering the materials used and serviceability. It's hard to argue with the Lynx Professional Grill when you put your hands on it.
Design and Styling7.5
Ease of Use7
Build Quality9
Value for Money7.8
Service and Parts Availability9
8.2Overall Score
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The Lynx Professional line of grills is well known for its luxury features and sleek looks. The L36PSR-2 is no exception. This built-in model is available in natural gas (L36PSR-2-NG) or liquid propane (L36PSR-2-LP) versions and offers a host of features to make not only your grilling experience – but your entire entertaining experience as well – better and more fun. With technology like the infrared ProSear burner and LED lit knobs, this grill is both functional and beautiful.

The Basic Specs:

  • Dimensions – 24 3/4”h X 36”w X 25 3/8”d
  • Cooking grid dimensions – 33 X 18 1/2”
  • Grilling area – 935 sq. inches (640 sq. inches main, 295 sq. inches secondary)
  • Grilling surface BTUs – 73,000
  • Rotisserie burner BTUs – 14,000
  • Cooking grid – stainless steel
  • Exterior – 304 stainless steel (more corrosion-resistant that other steels)
  • Briquettes – ceramic
  • Burger capacity – 26

Now that we know the essential dimensions and heat capacity of this professional built-in grill, let’s take a look at the extras. A note on the burners – you can choose all traditional burners, all IR burners, or any combination of these that equals three burners total, and Lynx will set this up for you at no extra cost.


  • Two cast brass burners (brass is more corrosion-resistant and radiates heat better than steel)
  • One ProSear burner (utilizes infrared technology to give you a superior sear on foods like fish and beef, and is designed similar to the shape of a trident, which allows for variable heat levels – from simmer to searing hot)
  • Heat stabilizing design that deflects wind so that the heat stays consistent inside the grill while cooking with the lid closed
  • Dual-position built-in rotisserie with 3-speed motor and rear IR burner
  • Hot surface ignition system (a hot element placed directly above the burner port that ignites the burner safely and quickly)
  • Removable large-capacity smoker box
  • Lynx signature blue LED control knobs and internal halogen grill lights – these illuminate your food perfectly so that well-done doesn’t turn to burned
  • Hood-assist kit with fluid rotation handle – the springs and seesaw balance work together in harmony to allow you to easily open and close the grill hood, despite its weight of almost 40 lbs.
  • Lynx grills are made in the USA (a bonus all on its own since it’s difficult to find many things that are anymore) and are famous for their eye-catching looks and multiple luxury bonus features. There are many great things about this grill, and like any product there are a few down sides.

Lynx_Professional_Outdoor_BBQ_GrillThe Pros

Brass burners are corrosion resistant and are much harder to find than traditional steel, setting this model apart from others in its class. Viking, which is a leader in high-end appliances names, makes a comparable model – its VGBQ55424NSS – which comes with stainless steel burners. So even though all of its other features – interior lighting, equivalent grill space, and rotisserie with IR burner – make it seem like the Lynx’s equal, only the Lynx offers brass burners. The same is true for Capital’s HCG40RBIN, which – for a similar price point – is nearly identical to the Lynx across the board, minus the brass burners.
The ProSear burner is another big draw to the L36PRS-2. The burner leverages IR technology to provide a lightning-fast sear for that crispy brown finish you want on certain foods like fish and steak. Because the design allows for variable heat levels, you can even perfectly caramelize more delicate foods like scallops on the ProSear.

With its built-in rotisserie kit and IR back burner, rotisserie cooking is a breeze. You can also utilize the wide back burner for other foods – like pork loin – which need a longer, consistent cooking surface to ensure they are heated evenly throughout. The combination of the rotisserie and the back burner is a can’t-miss. Even though you can retro-outfit some high-end grills with a rotisserie kit, the infrared burner cannot be installed after the fact.

For those night owls who like to grill and entertain long after dark, the illuminated, blue LED controls are not only useful for adjusting your grill after the sun goes down, but they’re also sleek and classy in appearance, lending a glowing ambiance to your outdoor entertaining. The powerful internal halogen lights offer the ideal assistance in making sure your food is cooked to perfection even when you don’t have the benefit of sunlight to help you make that all-important doneness judgement.

L36PSR-2-3The Drawbacks

There aren’t many down sides to this professional-grade grill, however there are a few concerns that have been raised. Some buyers on have expressed difficulties with the igniter malfunctioning, and others have experienced challenges getting their grill serviced by an authorized provider. It’s important to understand that this feedback is based upon only a few reviews present on the website, so a foregone conclusion cannot be drawn about its accuracy.

914S0xK+gxL._SL1499_That said, Lynx is famous for its outstanding warranty policies and this grill model is no different. The steel body housings, cooking grates, brass burners, and IR burners come with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser (under normal use). The briquette trays, manifolds, warming racks, gas valves, and spit rods come with a five-year warranty. And finally, the remaining components come with a two-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

The Bottom Line

The number of features included in this grill have made it a favorite in the high-end outdoor kitchen market. Lynx is an innovator of next generation materials and build-quality.

Whether you’re drawn to the Lynx Professional series by the corrosion-resistant stainless steel exterior, the rare cast brass burners, or the arc-welded one-piece construction that eliminates gaps and creases that can be magnets for dirt and grease (making cleaning a breeze), the company’s solid reputation and extensive warranty policy allow you to have peace of mind when purchasing this model.

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