The GE Profile Single-Double Wall Oven PT925SNSS is an expensive curiosity. As interesting and innovative as the design of the oven may be, we’re left wondering exactly where this oven fits in? Would boat owners put it on their yachts to gain dual cooking abilities? Do Manhattanites with 400 square feet of apartment really need a double oven?

The GE Appliance‘s Single-Double Wall Oven can be had right now for around $2,800 in Stainless Steel and $2,700 in Black. While we can’t make heads or tails of this unit, maybe you can. Would you purchase a unit like this? And if so, why?

Via GE @ GE Appliances

Anthony Rocco

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  1. Carol

    Hi, one reason I would be interested in this oven is that it is very ergonomic for me. I’m 5’0″ and have had 4 carpal tunnel surgeries, so removing dishes at an awkward angle can sometimes be painful, clumsy and dangerous. With this oven, someone can open the shallow door, be squared up in front of the unit, and be able to place or remove dishes with a good grip on both sides of the dish. I wish you had reviewed it’s dependability so I knew more about it.

    • Appliance Buyer's Guide

      Hey Carol, that is a very good point on this oven. We haven’t reviewed it in-full because honestly we don’t sell enough of these to put together a worthwhile opinion of them. That being said, of what I can see by perusing online these do not have many complaints in regards to their dependability. That being said, GE is not known for quality customer service once an issue does arise, but on the bright side it appears these ovens don’t seem to have any known issues plaguing users. I hope that helps!

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