Microwaves are indispensible part of the modern day kitchen and many manufacturers are striving hard to deliver the best products to their customers. The GE Profile Advantium 240 series is one of the more feature rich products from one of the largest home appliances manufacturer in the world.

The Advantium series of microwave ovens from GE are built around three core features: performance, versatility and convenience. These ovens are the perfect replacements for the conventional ovens as they can cook or heat food up to 8 times faster. There is no pre-heating required which saves a lot of time too. While the performance is improved you will not find any major changes in the cooked food taste. So you get conventional oven like cooking capabilities in fraction of the time.

The Advantium 240 series of microwaves are also highly versatile. Their versatility comes from the incorporation of some of the latest and best technologies in the microwave oven space. These ovens come with sensor cooking option which senses the moisture content in the microwave and adjusts the cooking timer and power accordingly to give you the perfectly cooked food.

It also has other interesting features like keep warm, softening, melting, speed cook and True European convection. It also comes with multiple power levels to cook special foods like entrees. The larger model means that 9” X 13” casserole can be easily fit into the microwave. This is great for cooking food for a larger group of people. To top it all these units are programmable so you can create your own cooking sequences for specific foods.

When it comes to convenience, the Advantium 240 series also scores top points there. The microwave comes with 175 pre-programmed recipes. This gives the operators ample selection to suit their regular cooking needs. You do not need to be a chef to actually churn out great dishes with your GE microwave oven. Besides these readily available options, the microwave also supports nearly 30 customised programs for speciality dishes too. A well programmed microwave means you can cook great dishes conveniently and impress your guests and keep you family happy always.

It is thus clear that the GE Advantium 240 Series does offer a lot of good value in terms of features and ease of operation to the users. It is truly a great range of microwave.  With the right combination of features and user friendly design, it is a sure winner in any kitchen.

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