Modern day washing machines and dryers are the ultimate lifesavers. Honestly, how did people survive before these appliances were invented? The newest model washers and dryers are essentially high-tech laundry robots, fully equipped with features that will make you excited to get started on your weekend chores.

The Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam™ Washer (with LuxCare™ Wash and SmartBoost™) and the accompanying Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam™ Electric Dryer (with Instant Refresh and 9 cycles) are a match made in laundry heaven. Both appliances make use of Electrolux’s Perfect Steam™  feature, which uses advanced steam technology to yield better cleaning results – the details of which we’ll get into a bit down the line. First, let’s start off with the features on the Front Load Perfect Steam™  Washer.

Electrolux Washing Machine Review


Front Load Perfect Steam™ Washer with LuxCare™ Wash & SmartBoost™ – 4.4 Cu.Ft.

Electrolux USA has outdone itself reworking the conventional designs and functions of the everyday washing machine with the newest addition to their line. This front loading washer comes with new technology designed to give you a better clean, each and every time. SmartBoost™ is essentially a pre-mixing feature that combines the water and detergent needed for washing – before the wash cycle begins. The detergent and water are thoroughly mixed and emulsified before being added to the clothes at the beginning of the cycle.

To some, this may not seem like that fancy of an addition – I mean, how much difference can pre-mixing really make in getting your laundry cleaner, faster?

The answer: Loads.

What exactly is SmartBoost?

All other washing machines at the moment add water on top of the detergent which then mixes on its way down into the wash drum. This creates cleaning ‘blind spots’, areas where detergent is applied too heavily or not enough, which leads to less clean clothes. The SmartBoost™ feature removes the blind spot issues and ensures that every item of clothing gets as clean as possible each and every single time. Heavily soiled clothes are where this feature really starts to shine as the cleaning power is consistent. No one big areas of where dirt and oil was lift, and other duller areas where the soap didn’t penetrate as well.

In addition to SmartBoost™, Electrolux’s new washer comes with the aforementioned Perfect Steam™ technology.

Perfect Steam


SmartBoost, a feature that just works.

Much as the name suggests, Perfect Steam™ is the new and improved approach to using steam to lift stains and sanitize clothing. Traditional front-loader washing machines steam clothing from the top of the drum, which means, as common sense would dictate, only the clothing nearest the top of the machine get properly steamed.

Perfect Steam™ introduces steam to the drum from the bottom, a design Electrolux created to piggyback on steam’s natural tendency to rise. The steam from the bottom of the drum ascends as it’s released, permeating the clothes on its way to the top and loosening stains and disinfecting as it rises.

This machine already sounds like it can’t get more amazing, but trust me, it does. The LuxCare™ Wash System, with enhanced wash actions, smart load sensors, and regulated temperature controls, adds icing to an already impressive package.

The “15 Minute Fast-Wash” option along with the option to sanitize and the StainSoak™  feature (which eliminates the need to pre-soak items) may then be considered the cherry on top of the icing of Electrolux’s washing machine ‘cake’. Running late for a dinner date and need your fancy dress pants ASAP? The 15 Minute Fast Wash can save your night- and your date.

Sanitize and StainSoak

The washer’s sanitize option allows you to remove 99% bacteria and 95% of allergens from clothing – which is ideal for persons with moderate to severe allergies or sensitive skin, and children or persons with delicate health issues. StainSoak™ allows you to choose your type of stain, pre-mixes the stain remover, detergent and water (much like the SmartBoost™ feature) and then washes your clothes to unique specifications – specifically engineered to treat the stain in the most effective way to remove it. Add on the fact that this washer is Energy Star certified, and can save you around 40 gallons of water each week and the list of reasons to purchase this machine just grows longer.

While we’ve gone on and on about Electrolux’s fancy new washing machine designs and features, the Front Load Perfect Steam™ Electric Dryer hasn’t at all been forgotten. This dryer pairs with the Front Load Perfect Steam™ Washer like cheese to a fine wine. While this machine doesn’t carry the long list of features that the washer does, it still boasts quite a few new additions that make the drying process easier and more efficient.

Instant Refresh in 10 Minutes

The new Instant Refresh Cycle technology needs only 10 minutes and an ample amount of steam to refresh clothes and remove wrinkles – reviving the look and feel of your clothing in no time at all. This feature is a Godsend, especially since finding the time to iron or hand steam clothing can be almost impossible with today’s busy schedules. Many of this dryer’s features correspond to features available on the Front Load Perfect Steam™ Washer, such as the 15 Minute Fast Dry and the Allergen Cycle (which accompanies the sanitize cycle on the washer). Moisture sensors ensure that the clothes are never over-dried, as over-drying can fade clothing and causes unnecessary wear and tear.


Electrolux Washer and Dryer Units can be stacked and the doors are reversible.

When you’re not in a rush and have time to spare, the Perfect Steam™ setting uses steam technology to gently steam dry and tumble your clothes to prevent wrinkles and static cling. The Extended Tumble Option (an additional tumble setting to prevent tangles when the clothes can’t be removed from the dryer right away) and the generously sized drum (8.0 Cu. Ft.), plus the nine care cycles and reversible door technology make this washer dryer combo nearly impossible to resist. Electrolux also offers a gas dryer version that works even better than electric.

Complaints and Gripes

So, some complaints? Of course. The print on the User Manual is smaller than usual, so reading glasses or a magnifier might be in order when reviewing the manual to assist set up and use. There can be a small learning curve when operating the wash cycles on the washing machine, but time and experience smooth this process and operation often becomes second nature.

The prices range, depending upon the model. The top of the range model washing machine, which is the only one that comes with SmartBoost, is the EFLS617S  and that sells currently right around $999. The pair will run you around $2,000. Ultimately, Electrolux’s new Perfect Steam™ Washer and Dryer are excellent additions to any household that values truly clean clothes and appliances that work to help clothing look better, for longer.


Shae Jeffrey
Electrolux Washer and Dryer - New 2016 Models
An already robust laundry platform is updated with just the right features to shine long term. No gimmicks here.
Design & Styling9
Ease of Use9
Build Quality9.2
Value for Money9.5
Service Parts and Availability8.5
  • SmartBoost just works. Like incredibly well.
  • Reversible door hinges.
  • Stay fresh door flange feels much higher quality than the competitions.
  • To get SmartBoost feature you must buy the top line model.
  • Price is fair, but not cheap.
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