Back in the Q3 of 2016, Samsung purchased Dacor Appliances outright. Both Korean behemoths, Samsung and LG, have been eyeing the higher end major appliances sector for some time.

LG crafted it’s own new brand from scratch, with the aptly named “Signature” Appliances Suite, but we suspect they will face quite the uphill battle in the US for market share. In todays crowded Premium market, new appliance brands require many years of marketing, advertising and sheer hustle to even sell modest numbers in the USA.

Just ask recent breakthrough brands, like Electrolux, or Bertazzoni Italia.

Samsung is going for all black.

The Korean brands have yet to work within the showroom sales structure and customer-service centric  high-end appliance market.

The high-end appliance market is situated far outside the traditional mass market, big box price point and business plan – it’s a different beast entirely.

Samsung’s $150 Million* Gamble

(*$150 million is the estimated valuation based on news reports. The purchase price has not been made public.)

Big ice, but how?

Samsung was smarter than LG. With its purchase of Dacor Appliances, Samsung acquires a brand that many home chefs still remember fondly, if not from the distant past.

They are in-effect assuming Dacor’s relatively good name and history in order to sneak into the Premium Appliance vertical through the backdoor. It’s an interesting move and an expensive gamble.

Samsung’s plan appears to be to keep the American-made products in Dacor’s line-up that work for the brand and then supplement the rest of the line-up with Samsung appliance technology.

Our very first glimpse of the direction they were taking came at this years KBIS Show, where Dacor had set up a private viewing of some of the upcoming models for this year.

Keep in mind, there are no model numbers yet and no pricing information. Here are some pictures of the models to come in their new “Modernist” line-up:

Integrated in wood or stainless, these new Samsung built refrigerators look stunning.

Dacor Integrated Refrigerators

A new line of integrated columns are to be released. Dacor is currently very mum on exactly what kind of specifications we will have coming but there are a few details we do know for now.

Their New Black stainless was shown at the event.

A few of the things we do know:

  • Touch-latch (tap to open) door action will be an option
  • Internal camera’s and smart phone connectivity
  • Interiors are lined in stainless steel and glass with dazzling LED lighting
  • A seamless water dispenser will be offered
  • A Dual Icemaker with large block Cocktail Ice™ will be offered

The interior shown thus far is stunning, with stainless interior walls and drawer fronts.

Stainless Interiors

Control Panel

Internal Cameras

Things we don’t know:

  • Sizes available (we know about as 30″ column unit, that is all they’ve shown thus far)
  • Compressor and evaporator design
  • Air filtration?
  • Water filtration?
  • Pricing?
  • Warranty

Dacor Modernist 48″ Dual Fuel Range

48″ Dual-Fuel Range w/ Convection Steamer

Likely built on Dacor’s already very good Discovery Range series, this new Modernist option for a Duel-Fuel Range sports handles that look far more Samsung than Dacor. We hope to see that tweaked before launch.

Tilt out control panel running Dacor’s new Android-based cooking app.

Offered in regular and black stainless options, this range comes with one electric convection oven and one smaller combo-steam oven. LED lights illuminate each of the knob controls.

The adjustable glide out racks feature stainless fronts which is a nice, high-end touch.

No specs on burner output or griddle construction yet.

The tilt-out control panel will be sure to run custom Android UI with direct smartphone connection.

Built in Double Combi Oven.

30″ Built-In Double Combi Oven

This new hybrid cooking system is interesting in that it will combine a speed oven and a typical convection oven into one single unit. The convection oven will offer SteamAssist functionality as these are likely based on the new Samsung appliances released in late 2016.

Yep, definitely the new Samsung oven tech released last year. But look, it says Dacor now.

The real aim here is to go after Jennair and Bosch ovens, which both use this same sleek design, combination package, and color touchscreen interface.

New induction cooktop with color touchscreen.

New 36″ Induction Cooktop with Touch Controls

Dacor is also due to release a new and innovative induction cooktop with a color touch control interface and modular burner design.

Based on Samsung’s new induction cooktops released in late 2016, these also feature the “virtual flame” gimmick where the cooktop lights up under the pots and pans that are in use. We still aren’t sure how useful this feature is in the real world, but it sure makes the marketing materials shine.

A beautiful interface is rendered, we can’t wait to try it in real life.

Flex Zone spaces offer multiple cooking configurations with a variety of different sized pots and pans.

Dacor’s new dishwasher looks familiar…


Dacor New Dishwasher Design

This dishwasher reminds me of something… I just can’t put my finger on it.

Ok, so they haven’t done much to disguise the fact that this is a Samsung dishwasher with a Dacor badge on it.

Stainless accents still abound.

Dacor only made dishwashers once in their time as a appliance manufacturer. Remember all those 30″ dishwashers nobody could replace? Me neither.

In more recent times they were using Asko’s excellent dishwasher as a base model and slapping their Dacor badge on it. Now that Samsung has taken over ownership, they will be using Samsung’s dishwashing technology moving forward.

Waterwall is a wall of… well, water.

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