Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Review - SHX9ER55UC
Design & Styling7.1
Ease of Use8
Build Quality7.1
Value for Money4
  • Virtually Silent
  • Efficient Cleaning Jets
  • Serious Leak Detection
  • Few cycle options for this price range
  • Bosch customer service
6.9Overall Score
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Bosch Dishwasher ReviewThis Bosch Dishwasher review is a continuation of an review we did two years ago on the 800 Series. To be honest, not much has changed since then. At a rating of 39 decibels, the recessed handle 24’’ Bosch dishwasher is considered to be the ‘quietest in North America’ according to Bosch. While it may indeed be the lowest decibel rating out there currently. I have never heard any Miele running, ever. Same goes for many of the higher end Asko’s. Aside from its primary quieting component this 800 Plus series also offers a water softening system, top cutlery tray for additional loading space, and very well-planned leak protection system.

Considering how catastrophic any leaks that occur with faulty dishwashers can be, any technology that caters to stopping this is worth considering. The Aquastop Plus feature, as it has been coined, is a four-part system to protect against major and minor system leaks. It detects leaks in the molding and automatically ceases operation while pumping out water to avoid spills. Likewise the unit also houses an electronic valve and doubled-walled hose system.

Performance-wise the Bosch 800 Series dishwasher provides six wash cycles (auto, delicate, regular, quick wash, and glass care), a sanitation option, high and low spray pressure, a load size sensor, detergent dissolver, and the softening system previously mentioned. The water softener is the third most highlighted feature in this unit because it helps to get rid of common lime deposit spots found on dishes cleaned with hard water. If you live anywhere where you have hard water, this feature is a MUST.

The efficiency is also considerable as Bosch promotes that its ‘active water’ technology can make 2 gallons of water perform like 1300 gallons. And the ecosense feature reduces energy consumption by automatically switching water levels, temperature and cycling when needed. For instance, the half load washing option can be used for light loads without worrying about wasted water or energy.

The unit claims enough room for 15 setting places with the ability to adjust the upper rack to 3 different heights as well as a tall sprinkler that can clean items 22’’ tall.


So far, considering the effort to provide suitable loading capacity as well as their hallmark leak protection system (that will hopefully save you a lot of headache and toil), its MSRP price of $1999. seems reasonable. But compared to our current dishwasher favorite, the Miele Futura Dimension, it starts to pale. The control panel is tacky and cheap compared to the Miele and the racking systems on this Bosch also feels cheap and flimsy for the price, with less adjustments than on the Miele as well. The Miele Futura Dimension is also a hundred dollars cheaper as well – $1,899. out the door.

More importantly though, Miele’s service record trounces Bosch’s in a BIG way. I have no shortage of customer complaints on Bosch’s customer service, while my Miele customers are much more happy with the way their service issues are handled. In my opinion the Bosch 800 Series dishwasher is pass on the grounds of customer service alone.


Pros: Good decibel count, efficient cleaning mechanism and serious anti-leakage system.

Cons: Limited amount of cycles for the price, Bosch customer service leave much to be desired.

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