The modern double oven provides all the ample cook space that luxury home kitchens demand and deserve. 

The best double ovens will provide the optimal combination of design, features and overall quality to ensure that they both compliment the vibe of your kitchen, and, of course, make gourmet cooking as easy as possible. 

Identifying what you would like in a double oven is easy. Identifying the option that best exemplifies those qualities usually isn’t.

Wolf M Series Hande-less Double Oven

Best Double Ovens for Home

It’s the little things that makes one double oven better than another. While you probably don’t have time to figure out what those small details are we do, and we have used that information to identify and uncover the five best double ovens currently on the market.

1st Place – The Wolf in the Woods

Wolf 30″ Double Oven DO30CM/S

Wolf 30″ M Series Double Oven DO30CM/S

Price: $8,270

Topping the list is the Wolf DO30CM/S, a gourmet double oven with enough settings, features, and modes to at least catch the eye of most shoppers.

Nominating the Wolf M Series Double Oven up on the top of this list isn’t exactly a controversial decision. Our specialists and kitchen designers everywhere are all impressed with and excited by the innovations that this oven delivers. 

The principal goal of this oven is to make gourmet cooking as easy as possible. As we all know, when it comes to making complex dishes the difference between success and failure is usually in the small details. Timing. Temperature. Consistency. 

Curved Interior of the Wolf M Series, Most Spacious Oven in It’s Class

The Sub-zero / Wolf has eliminated some of the guesswork by providing users with 10 settings that make precision cooking simple and clean. 

The main function of these settings is to create unique airflow and heat dispersion patterns for unique dishes to ensure that they come out of the oven perfect.

Modes aside though, the Wolf M Series Double Oven is also one of the most well-built appliances on the market today. Everything is well thought-out.

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From the verticross convection system, which ensures even dispersal of heat across each and every rack – to the massive glass paneled doors and immense interior lighting, they make it easy to get excellent cooking results.

Combined, all of these components account for an oven that should do well to suit the needs of most potential buyers.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Verticross Convection Fans
  • Exceptionally Large Oven Interior
  • Deluxe interior Lighting
  • Touch Screen Menu System is One of the Best We’ve Used

Final Thoughts

The features of the Subzero Wolf are all pretty top notch. In terms of ovens that are designed to simplify the process of gourmet cooking, it would be difficult to find a better option. We found the Wolf M Series to be the most enjoyable of cooking experiences out of the bunch.

2nd Place – The Chef’s Go-To

Viking’s French Door Double Oven is a Stunner

Viking 7 Series 30″ Double Oven VDOF7301SS

Price: $7,649

The Viking Professional Series 7 Double Oven features a design suitable for a professional kitchen. It looks like a commercial oven on the outside and can indeed hold up to the abuse it would get in a commercial kitchen. Chefs the world over are still found of the Viking brand for this reason.

The industrial looking stainless-steel surface is highlighted by visually appealing French doors that provide a unique touch of style to the oven. Even the knobs are machined out of solid 304 stainless on the Viking VDOF7301SS Double Oven.

Viking VDOF7301SS 30″ Double Oven

Of course, it’s the actual performance itself that ultimately makes the Viking stand out. One thing that becomes very clear upon inspecting this oven is that Viking spent a lot of time making sure that consistency was king. 

The Viking delivers professional quality consistency by paying very close attention to airflow. This is accomplished through a technology that they refer to as the “Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection”—a system that is capable of turning the fan both directions for a broader and more consistent dispersion of heat.  

The system also features a fan blade that leads the industry in size—a feature that results in greatly increased air flow. 

Finally, the Viking oven also is packed with all the features that modern shoppers look for: a large cooking space, rapid preheat, eleven preset modes that make cooking a little bit easier, and even a high-tech timer that allows you to set the system up to twenty-four hours in advance.

Notable Features

  • One-handed oven opening and no risk of burning your arm.
  • Stylish French doors
  • Dual Convection Fans
  • Self cleaning
  • Extra Large Cook Space
  • Rapid Pre-heat

Final Thoughts:

Where the Wolf Ovens excel at making sure anyone can cook with the product and feel at ease – the Viking makes sure every user feels like a chef. Everything about the oven lends itself to “I’m a professional.” We love it for this reason and so much more.

3rd Place – German Engineering Masterpiece

Miele H 6780 BP2 30″ Double Oven

Miele 30″ Double Oven H6780 BP2

Price: $8299

Rounding out the third slot we have the Miele M-Touch 30″ Double Oven, another luxury choice that exemplifies all the comfortable touches of the modern era. 

Like our pick for the top slot, the Miele H 6780 BP2 is all about making cooking gourmet food as simple as touching a button. In fact, it is exactly that simple. The oven utilizes over one hundred functions that serve to take the guesswork out of cooking regardless of whether you are roasting a turkey or just drying out fruit. 

You can also save the cook time and temperature of your favorite recipes to make sure that you can get your favorite meals cooked the same way every time.

Miele’s 30″ Double Oven paired with their 30″ Warming Drawer

For as versatile as it is, it also excels in terms of performance. The “TwinPower” convection blowers are in place in the rear of the oven to blow heat both rapidly and evenly for optimal consistency. 

And for as good at generating heat as the Miele is, it is also equally capable of conserving it. This oven utilizes sensors to shut off the heating mechanisms as applicable, using residual heat to both save power and extend the overall life expectancy of the unit as a whole.

In terms of settings and modes of use, this is perhaps the most technologically capable option featured on our list today.  

Notable features

  • M Touch System delivers more modes and options than you can ever use in this lifetime.
  • You can save cooking methods for different recipes you do often.
  • Wireless Roast Probe
  • Moisture Plus cooking for even browning
  • Dual Convection Fans
  • Remote Vision – wifi enabled service monitoring

Final Thoughts

There is no doubting the quality of this oven. The Germans have gone to extremes in crafting an oven that is truly versatile. This oven may be the most feature-rich of the group. The features, the modes, the design itself more than qualify it for this list.

4th Place – A Barebones, No-nonsense, Italian Bargain

Bertazzoni’s 30″ Double Oven


Bertazzoni 30″ Double Convection Oven – PROFD30XV

Price: $3,899. (yes, you read that correctly.)

From Italy comes our penultimate pick. The exterior of the Bertazzoni PROFD30XV is deceptively simple: a nice modern stainless-steel finish with pull down doors and basic knobs that control the chambers of this double oven.

Appearance isn’t everything. While the Bertazzoni Double Oven is simpler than some of the other options that we have highlighted today, it is ultimately still capable of performing all the functions that you require from your oven: it can bake, broil, dry, proof, defrost, and dehydrate without any trouble.

The Iconic Style of the Bertazzoni Really Intrigues

Like all of the other options that we have looked at today, it also utilizes advanced heat dispersion techniques through a diagonal heating element that circulates heat equitably to each and every rack on the oven.

If the features are underwhelming relative to those of the other options on this list, the price won’t be. At $3,899 the Bertazzoni is significantly more affordable than any other option featured today making it a good opportunity for the bargain hunter.

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Notable Features

  • Numerous Rack Positions
  • Glide Out Racks Standard
  • Diagonal Dual Heating Convection Fans
  • Soft-Close Door Hinges
  • Unique Teardrop Shaped Control Knobs

Final Thoughts:

If some of the other selections highlighted today have given you sticker shock this option should provide you with a breath of relief. It’s a solid, well-built oven available at an extremely fair price.

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