Is your kitchen starting to look a little dated? Have you been thinking about a remodel? Maybe you’ve started cooking more now that you’ve started a family, or you just want to make more efficient use of your space. Whatever your reason, if you’ve been thinking about updating your kitchen, chances are you’ve also been thinking about what appliances you want as well.

If you don’t need the baking abilities of a double oven, and don’t want to shell out big bucks for a separate cooktop, a combined range will most likely meet all your needs, and then some.

Why you Want a Range

If you’ve decided on a range for your kitchen remodel, or you’re still weighing your options, you should definitely give the five we’ve listed here a look. They are all great options for a new kitchen, and best of all they’re priced to give you the best bang for your buck. We also tried to pick the more attractive ranges in this price point because a good looking stove is much more likely to get used.

We also really like the trend of making the cooking area, rather than the sink, the focal point of a kitchen. Building the kitchen in this way makes you more likely to get in there and actually cook something cheaper and healthier than a dinner out somewhere, which is never a bad thing. A range makes this simple and straightforward, and doesn’t require the architectural balancing act of including space for a cooktop and a built-in oven.

The Best Ranges that Won’t Break the Bank

With all that being said, here are our picks for the best ranges to put in your new kitchen.
They will serve you well for years, and include a host of advanced features on both the burners, and in the oven. Let’s start with….


Best Value in Induction: Kenmore  Elite 95073 – MSRP:$1700

This Kenmore range is by far the best value-priced range we’ve seen with an induction cooktop. It also has a fairly reliable oven for your precise baking, but from what we’ve seen you may have to fiddle with the temperature settings a bit if you’re used to cooking your cakes and pastries in a different oven.

All in all, the fact that Kenmore has brought an induction range to market at a sub-$2000 price point is to be commended, and the fact that it works as well as this one is fairly astounding. This is a price you’re only going to see in the big home appliance manufacturers line-up, so don’t expect Viking or Bertazzoni to put one out in this price range for a few years.

The induction cooktop boils water for pasta and stews quickly and efficiently, and the oven is perfectly sized for roasting that bird or getting all three layers of that caked baked at once. If you’re looking for a the best value in induction cooking, this is a strong contender and is one you should definitely check out.



GE_PGS950SEFSSBest for the Avid Baker: GE Profile Double Oven PGS950SEFSS – MSRP $3400

This gas-powered, double-oven range is a baking beast. The PGS950SEFSS bottom oven is large enough for those holiday meals, and the convection heating means your souffles and pastries will turn out perfect. We like the versatility of the double oven, and the gas cooktop includes a 20,000 BTU burner to make boiling water for those quick, weeknight pasta dinners a snap.

PGS950SEFSS_Gallery9This range is perfect if you’re doing a lot of baking, and the easy-touch glass panel controls mean that adjusting your cooking settings are simple and easy, while the lock function keeps you (or other family members) from ruining that delicate souffle with a misplaced button touch.

If you bake a lot, or you just want more versatility in your oven to get those family meals on the table a little bit faster (baked chicken and roasted vegetables anyone?) this double-oven range is perfect. The price isn’t bad for the performance you get either, but it’s been out for a while so hunt around and see if you can find a big-box store that’s having a sale.


pro304ins__bertazzoni_professional_series_30_induction_range___nero_blackBest High-End Induction Range: Bertazzoni Professional Induction – MSRP: $4500

When we say high-end on this one, we really mean it. Bertazzoni is a nearly 150 year old company with an industry-leading reputation for quality, but they’ve only just started making modern induction ranges, but boy did they hit the ground running. Their Pro series is far and away the best value at this price point, and is definitely the sharpest looking range out right now. Plus, you can get it one of several very attractive colors.

Stainless steel is popular right now because that’s what all the restaurants are using (because it’s easy to keep clean) but no matter how shiny that stainless is, we tend to think it can look a little dull. Add this gorgeous range to your new kitchen, and you can be sure to find a color that fits your color scheme and really adds some extra pop to your kitchen.

Again, a better looking range is more likely to get used, and at $4500 for the self-cleaning model, you’ll definitely want to use this baby. It’s got a lot of the features from its more expensive cousins, and all of the performance. If you cook a lot, and want the best induction range you can get without taking out a second mortgage, look no further.


samsung_gas rangeBest for the Stir-Fry Fan: Samsung Gas Range with True Convection NX58H5650WS – MSRP: $1699.99

If you love a good stir-fry, and find yourself turning to it for those quick, weeknight meals, or if you just love using your wok, you have to get this range. It offers the cooking prowess of the best gas ranges, with a value price that will leave plenty of room for that extra induction cooktop if you need it.

It even has some of the features of its pricier brethren, including a cast iron wok insert that will really help elevate your stir-fry night.

The oven includes a great convection system that can roast one mean chicken, and do it consistently. Really, if you have gas and you like cooking with gas, this is one of the best choices out there right now. Plus, the extra crisp veggies in your stir-fry almost make it worth getting just for that. Almost.


samsung_electric_range_duoBest Electric Range: Samsung  Slide-In Electric Range with Flex Duo Oven MSRP:$1499.99

This is the value range that can do it all. The Flex Duo oven gives you essentially two ovens in one, and the attractive glass cooktop has induction burners ready to handle anything you care to cook on them.

It doesn’t have a lot of the features you might want on the cooktop and in the computerized cooking areas, and it isn’t self-cleaning, but if you’re looking for a great value in your electric range, look no further. If you like handling every bit of your cooking yourself, and can stand a little extra preheating time, this range is absolutely perfect.

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