36" Capital Culinarian Range Review - CGMR366
Design & Styling8
Ease of Use7.5
Build Quality8
Value for Money6
Service and Parts Availability4.8
  • Unique gas burner system
  • The price.
7.1Overall Score
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The 36″ Capital Culinarian Range CGMR366 is one of the most competitive commercial ranges made for home use today. Its major marketing advantage is its heating capability of up to 23k btus for every one of its open-top burners. Most units provide two burners at the most that can match in strength and delivery and many none. The low flame option to simmer is also available in this model with claimed lows of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of versatility renders the expert results Capital promises (think quick water evaporation for your wok dishes and low simmers for sensitive custards and pudding).

The Culinarian Range oven offers six common sense modes; bake, broil, convection bake, convection broil, open-door broil rotisserie, convection rotisserie. This oven does not have self-cleaning, although Capital does offer it at a $1,000.+ up-charge. Though the oven options are basic, its performance is exceptional; the btu promises are consistent throughout this machine with broiler burners that reach 18,000 btu’s and a baking burners that get up to 30,000 btu’s. Suffice to say Capital does provide the professional heat it promotes with all of its burners.

The “stay-kool” knob feature provide knobs that are cool to the touch but are still quality die cast and chrome plated. Capital claims that the Culinarian Range stays cool even when baking for long periods of time, but that has not been our experience. When running both the burners and the oven simultaneously the range does seem to get very warm indeed, which is not surprising on a range with this kind of cooking power. We have yet to test a gas range that doesn’t get hot under heavy use.

Capital has also supplied professional cleaning mechanisms; such as ez-glide drip trays that fully extend, cast iron grease cutters for broiler grates, and porcelain coated grates and burners. Although with this being an open burner range, keeping it clean will become a bit of a chore indeed. Which is why most luxury brands are now moving to sealed burner only – but don’t expect Capital to do that anytime soon as btu’s are their main differentiating feature.

The burner performance on this model seems to be by far its most distinguishable feature as it provides genuine commercial quality right in the comfort of your own home. Other important features of this range include its BBQ grill with hybrid radiants and griddle plate (which can sit right on top of 2-4 of your 6 burners), flex roll oven racks, a motorized rotisserie system, large oven capacity and stay-kool knobs. And comes in a variety of designs to suit your taste and kitchen makeup. The 3 chrome plated steel racks provided fit into 5 different positions and are advertised as flex roll due to their ‘smooth and effortless’ maneuvering.

The rotisserie system is also substantial with stainless steel prongs, spit rod and basting pan all included. It is an impressive accompaniment, but perhaps overkill. As someone who has used an in-oven rotisserie before I can attest, you only use it once. The pain of setting it up and taking it down is one thing, but even more painful is the mess it leaves behind in your oven. I’ve banish my rotisserie escapades outside to the BBQ Grill where they belong. Capital could have easily left off this largely unused feature which might have enabled them to bring down the price of the range.


Speaking of price, at just over $7,200 the Capital Culinarian Range is an expensive piece of equipment indeed, with 48″ start at $8,500. and with all options can come in at $10,800. With a price higher than even it’s Wolf and Viking counterparts, it’s only for those home cooks who desire true commercial heat in the kitchen and don’t mind paying for it.

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