For some of my more discerning readers, I must discuss a product I came across a few months ago that is quite impressive. Napa Technology -longtime maker of wine by the glass dispensers for restaurants and wine bars all across the U.S. – has just released a smaller and more compact version of their WineStation dispenser for the home. Now, any wine connoisseur can showcase their most prized collections in their home and offer them on tap for their guests. It’s not a cheap solution, but it works and it’s quite the show stopper.

Wine StationWhile some may think wine by the glass is a solution looking for a problem, I believe it’s a smart investment for wine collectors who entertain frequently. Let’s say you’re having a dinner party and you pop open a bottle of Opus One. That’s a fantastic wine, expensive, and not to be wasted. It’s no secret that wine, after opening, doesn’t store well. With the wine station, you don’t have to worry about wasting the leftovers.

The Wine Station can be built into cabinetry, or stand alone – with four bottle spouts and an easy to use CleanPour dispensing head that is extraordinarily easy to put on an take off. Since the wine bottle’s are not “locked” into the cabinet, you can easily change out bottles without skipping a beat. The unit features a thermo-electric cooling system with variable temperature control — translation: silent operation. A metal plate slides into the center allowing you to make the unit dual-zone, so you can split your reds and whites. Using your choice of Argon or Nitrogen gas, this wine by the glass system will keep your wine preserved perfectly for up to 60 days.

Oh, and did I mention these are built entirely in the U. S. of A?

At $4,999 it’s no bargain, but for someone whose wine collection is worth ten of thousands or hundreds of thousands, this is a unit definitely worth looking at. The build quality is superb and the solution is elegant. Right now, there are very few dealers that carry Napa Technology, so if you’re serious about acquiring one, message me and I will introduce you to the owner of this small American enterprise.

Pros: Extremely rugged and well-built, bright interior lighting, 60 days of preservation

Cons: Requires Argon or Nitrogen gas canisters, sold separately. Not priced for average consumers.

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