As a leader in production and manufacturing of kitchen appliances, Viking produces some of the most sought-after professional kitchen appliances available today. Viking continues their focus on professional and durable quality products in their production of the VCFW1000 waste disposal. Viking has included a whole range of features for this disposal system that solidify its position as a solid member of the Viking family.

The VCFW1000 is a waste disposal system for the kitchen sink, which includes a full set of features that separate it from the competition. The VCFW1000 features two fixed stainless steel impellers for quiet grinding, as well as a solid cast shredder ring. The combination of a solid cast grinding wheel and a solid cast shredder ring allows for a total of forty-seven cutters – providing the ability to grind whatever is placed into the waste disposal to such a fine consistency that it will not clog your drain. Although Viking claims that the grind system has a total of 1,512,000 under-cuttings per minute, they have also taken precautions to make the system as quiet as possible.

The VCFW1000 is insulated in the grind area so that a vast majority of the noise will be dampened at the site where it is produced. In addition to this extra insulation, Viking has set up the waste disposal with six isolating gaskets for sound absorption and reduced vibration. The combination of insulation and power ensures that no matter what approved waste you put down the disposal it will be dealt with quickly and quietly.

If you are looking for a new or replacement waste disposal, the Viking VCFW1000 is a fantastic choice for your home. Regardless of whether you have a large home or a small home, this waste disposal is a great addition to your kitchen if you want a fully functional disposal that you won’t have to worry about. As a leader in the kitchen appliance community, you can trust that the Viking VCFW1000 is going to be a great investment and a great product. At around $470 dollars this unit is no bargain, but its lengthy list of industry-exclusive features make it well worth the extra investment.

Anthony Rocco

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  1. andrewpenick

    I see that this is available some places for $390–pricey but less than the article.

    I wonder how this unit compares to the InSinkErator Evolution Excel which was originally priced at $625 but is now on sale for $300?

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