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Hello everyone and welcome to Appliance Buyer’s Guide, my name is Anthony Rocco and this is the Miele CM 6310, this is their newest counter-top model.

This espresso machine can make espressos, either single shot or double shot, cappuccinos, lattes, ristrettos, macchiatos. There’s a lot of functionality within this counter-top coffee machine, and really this takes the essence of their built in machines and puts it in this tiny little package that you can put on your counter top.

So first thing to notice is there’s a couple different things on this model in regards to cleaning. This little canister right here is for your milk, and this is a great new tool. Basically, this canister, you just sit your milk inside and when you’re not using it this can be put away in the refrigerator and you can pull it out and keep using it as is. You don’t have to leave it out or clean it after every use. This particular little tube here actually comes out and plugs right into your milk canister and then from there you can make cappuccinos, lattes, and when you’re done, you go to turn the machine off, it’s gonna ask you and tell you basically just pull out your little hose and stick it right here where it will then flush all the hosing for you.

So there’s no more for the last part, you had to take everything apart, you had to clean them, make sure they were cleaned afterwords. There’s none of that anymore, it’s all automatic. It’s a very easy to use machine. The first thing I wanted to show is just how easy it is to pull a single shot of espresso. Your beans are all put, whole beans, right in the top here just like on the regular built-in machines. And your water canister on the side holds about, I’d say, about a liter of water.

Right now what we can do is we can either do a single shot or a double shot. To do a double shot you just press this button right here and it will basically double the amount of coffee but we’re just gonna do a single shot here and lets go ahead and run one. Grind the beans, there are many different parameters you can set with basically telling it how you want the beans ground, how fine you want them ground, how long you want them pre-brewed, how hot you want the water.

All of this can be tweaked and we’ll get into that a little later. And we’ve only been working on this now, for, pressed the button for 30 seconds now, and the coffee is already coming out. At any point in time you’ll see a little save icon come up. This is basically so you can save the level, correct level, that you want your espresso to come out every time. Once you press that button it’s gonna save the portion size and then from that point on, it’s always gonna make your espressos exactly this size. And that’s pretty, actually a little large for a single shot but it is a single shot, and that’s basically how fast you can pull a shot on the Miele, the brand new Miele 6 CM series.

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