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Hello everybody this is Anthony Rocco from Appliance Buyer’s Guide.

I would like to talk a little bit today about single ovens. And specifically this particular single oven right here this is the Bertazzoni professional series single oven. Its known as the XT series, the top of the line series, and this single oven is pretty remarkable.

Its one of our favorites right now in the kind of, you know, sub below three thousand dollar range. And you know at that price point, you’ve got Kitchenaid, you’ve got Electrolux, you’ve got Jennair , you’ve got Bosch, you’ve got  a lot of different brands out there, but for the price that Bertazzoni is pulling this in at, which I think if I’m not mistaken is right around $2,799., you’ve got a pretty remarkable oven. And that’s what I wanted to show you today, this one is live in our store so it worked out to be a really good one.

So the first thing you’ll notice on these on these Bertazzoni top of the line ovens is they have this beautiful color screen, LCD screen that’s touch control and just from the start you can go ahead and set yourself an alarm if you want to without even setting on the oven, or you can edit your settings, and you’ve got a lot of functionality within this oven.

You can change the language. There are a couple different languages you can put it into, pretty much European languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German I think, I’m not sure if there’s much more lets take a look and see. Yeah we’ve got Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, that’s it. So let’s set it to English.

There’s en ECO mode, there is- you can change the audio level so its not as loud or its a little bit softer. Here’s the best thing: you can change it from Imperial to Metric that means you can put this oven into Celsius – big deal for especially people that have or come from Europe or have homes in Europe and they’ve just grown up cooking with Celsius as the temperature so that really helps them out big time.

How the oven operates just kind of on its own is you’ve got this knob over here which once you switch is gonna switch the different baking modes the oven can do and there’s quite a few of them you’ll see, defrost, there’s even a dehydrate mode, there should be a proofing mode, warming if you just want to use it to warm food and the convection broil, and then straight up broil, and then right to self cleaning.

Now, big thing this oven has, a lot of other ovens, in its, well pretty much no oven has in its price range is the cooking assistant mode. This mode is huge okay because this mode basically you can actually tell the oven what it is you’re cooking, whether its, lets say were gonna roast a chicken and we can either choose to slow cook it or to do a traditional roast, so we’ll roast a chicken, you tell it what size range it is, lets say its a 3 pound chicken and basically this is where you’re gonna set what internal temp you’d like it to stop cooking at and it gives you a minimum and it gives you a maximum.

Basically the minimum is what they think is safe, the minimum internal temp they think is safe to eat and the maximum is where they think its going to start, after this point, getting over cooked. So lets set it somewhere right in the center right around like 194, 193 and check you know your recipe and learn a little more about your food and how to cook ’em but if you set it right in the center you should be good.

Once you do this, you open up your oven and you’re just going to plug in your temperature for your up here thats the little plug for the temperature probe. I’m not sure where ours is right now must be in the cabinet, and this, lets take a look and see if the temp probe is down here and it is not [inaudible, muttering] but anyways you plug that temperature probe right into your food and leave it and the oven is going to set the temperature, its gonna set the cook time and as soon as it gets to that internal temperature its going to shut off and beep and let you know that its time to to take a look at your food and pull it out.

Its a great system, its got a not just for meats, but it does it for all kinds of baking elements whether its cakes, take a look at some of the other options it has, it has quite a few. Where is the cake, there it is. Meats, poultry, even pizza- obviously you’re not gonna use a temperature for that, fish- temperature probe for that, bake breads, pastas, and it gives you a lot of options. Vegetables, lets see what vegetables, grilled vegetables, sauté ’em for like a stew or do like roasted potatoes, that’s a smart one. So there’s a lot of, a lot of kind of built in recipes in this oven that really kind of mimics Wolf’s M class oven in meals, Miele’s Master Chef series ovens where they basically have pre-done cooking recipes for the oven that’s kind of set it and forget it type thing.

The oven itself is extremely well built, its really good build quality on these, especially at the price range- its gonna come with a single glide out rack which is totally movable. You can switch it and put it on the bottom if you want, or you can put it up top if you prefer that. You can see on the inside here there’s two dual large convection fans, a really nice set up inside there and there’s your, your broiler up there. The oven, there’s just no plastic not even any raw steel, its all finished there’s not a single stitch on here that isn’t really nicely welded in, there’s not sharp edges around the outside.

It’s coated, it does have a little shiny appearance because of the coating. I mean look at it, it doesn’t get finger prints. Normal 304 stainless steel would immediately show finger prints. This does not at all.

Its a really great oven. On normal, cancel out of here and lets go to normal mode, so now in your normal baking mode, lets say you’re gonna do a convection bake. To do your temperature you just come over here and you turn this knob to make the temperature that you’re going to be picking it so lets see what I want it to be, 325, lets set it at 325 and it’ll immediately fire up. And this is just like a manual cooking mode like a normal oven would use. You can go ahead and use the temperature probe manually and tell what temp you’d like it to stop cooking at so you can set all this manual.

If you want you can set your timer there you know if you want to have a certain time or a delay start, lets go ahead and set our alarm, so let’s say we’re gonna cook cookies, you know we know our cookies are gonna be done in 12 minutes at 325 on convection, set to 12. There you go, and in the bottom corner you’ll see its running. So its a great, and there’s your 12 minute timer that’s running right now, counting down, it is a really impressive oven for the money. We’ll shut it off.

But I just wanted to show this to you guys when you compare it to some of the ovens that do have these feature sets you’re talking about the top of the line Miele you’re talking about the [inaudible] top of the line Wolf, both of which are pushing, you know, 5,000 above. And so at 2,799 this is a pretty great value and also one of the reasons we like it a lot. And the other cool thing they’ve gotten going right now Bertazzoni is, here’s the range on the left. If you buy either a range or you buy an oven and a cook top, they will give you a hood for free. They have, I’m not sure if this is one of the free ones but they do have five or six different styles but some are free that they’ll give you and there’s some nicer ones that they’ll give you for half off. So its actually a really, really killer deal and the hood, as you know hoods are expensive, can be real expensive so good thing to know about Bertazzoni professional series electric oven.

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