These days, induction cooking is used by all the top brands that offer ranges for the home. It’s a technology designed to offer superior cooking power, efficiency and control.

Induction offers precision when it comes to fast cooking. An electromagnetic field generator is built into the surface of the range, inducing eddy currents in ferromagnetic pots and pans. Generating heat directly within the metal itself, as opposed to typical “conductive” heat you get on gas and radiant stoves.

Induction cooktop utilizes magnets instead of radiant heat elements.

An induction cooktop generates heat very fast as it can focus the energy directly into the pot, so very little heat-loss occurs. Besides speed, induction ovens offer added safety, because the cooktop itself won’t get hot without a pot on the element, and it cools down as soon as you remove the pot from the surface.

The surface of your cooktop doesn’t have to heat up to then heat your pot. This also eliminates the scorch marks and staining you often see on radiant glass cooktops.

The only drawback to induction cooking is that not all pots and pans will work with induction technology. An iron core is required for an pot or pan to be properly magnetic. This means that expensive copper pots and pans will not work, as well as cheaper aluminum pots and pans.

Top 5 Affordable Induction Ranges

This year, we thought it best to come up with a list of the best induction ranges you can buy for under $5,000 that still feel and look “Luxury”. With many new brands out there, it was tough to choose.

The Italian Looker Steals Our Hearts

The Bertazzoni PRO304INSX Freestanding Induction Range

#1 — Bertazzoni 30” 4-Induction Zone Electric Self-Cleaning Oven

Model Number: PRO304INSX

Cost: $4,499.  (non-self cleaning model:  $3,299!)

Bertazzoni’s Professional Series 4-Induction Zone Electric Self-Cleaning Oven is a top of the line range that comes in assorted colors, including stainless steel, black, white, yellow, orange, red, and burgundy. This professional oven has nine functions, that includes convection baking, convention broiling, broiling, baking, convection, defrosting, dehydrating, proofing, self-clean, turbo, and warming.

In Black, with matching Designer Hood

Even though it is the second most expensive range on this list, it also wins on price vs. performance against all the others for two reasons:

First, it’s promotion this year is one of the best around. If you buy a range from Bertazzoni, they will offer you a few different matching hoods for free, or give you half off one of their higher end hoods, or half off a dishwasher.

But if you buy a range and a built-in refrigerator, that deal jumps to a free hood and a free dishwasher! You can essentially set up a built-in package from them for less than 12k. No other brand can do this right now, and it’s a steal.

The second reason it wins on price is that Bertazzoni also offers a manual clean model (which for many, would be a perfectly fine choice) for over $1,000 less. It’s feature list is less impressive than it’s more expensive cousin, but it still gets the job done. Notable changes: it is missing is the self-cleaning ability, it only uses a single convection fan instead of the double, and no glide out rack. However, at $3,299 it still qualifies for the promotion, making it a killer deal.

Key Features:
Offers Knob Control of 4 Induction Zones
Quadruple-pane glass door minimizes loss of heat
Pyrolytic lining requires no cleaning
Dual Convection Fans
Bright, beautiful color options

Bertazzoni’s Signature Teardrop Knobs

The Bertazzoni Professional Series 4-Induction Range is designed with a classic Italian modern styling. It’s relatively low price combined with it’s solid build-quality makes it a. very attractive range on the market. It offers effective and simple knob controls that make the unit easy to use. With pricing this aggressive it can be more affordable to a greater number of home chefs.

We tried hard to come up with one. We couldn’t. It checks every box: Build-quality, function, price, even warranty. That is why it’s #1 on our list this time.

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The Runner-up

The Fulgor Milano F6PIR304S1 Induction Range

#2 —  Fulgor Milano 30″ Induction Range

Model Number: F6PIR304S1

Price: $4,999.

The Fulgor Milano Cooking surface is designed in an Italian style with durable finishes, high-quality materials, and balanced lines. It offers a thick, imposing door and an extra-wide viewing area.

A smooth weld is used for the corner surfaces, which is a very nice touch found only on more expnsive ranges from the likes of Wolf and Miele.

The display is clear, large and easy to use, so you can control your cooking. It uses the “Sofia” oven, which features dual 1,300 watt convection fans, an extremely large 4.1 qu.ft of interior capacity, and a well insulated soft close door.

Key Features:
Offers 4 Induction Cooking Zones
Features an Elegant Ceramic Glass Surface
Booster Function Offered for Each Cooking Zone
Warming and Melting Functions
Soft-Closing Door, Telescopic Rack, and Dual Fan Convection
Beautiful, enamel colors also offered

Oven Control Panel

With the largest interior capacity of the line-up, this new-to-market range is bound to shake things up. We especially like the thick door and beautiful placard on it. Everything about the fit and finish of the oven screams “Italian quality”.

The Fulgor Milano offers safety features that include a child lock system, pot detection function, and failure coding that helps with repairs. The soft close door is another feature we long for on ALL ranges.

Price is our first gripe — but we can see the quality level is more on par with Wolf and Thermador so we do understand their thinking. But with it being new to the U.S. in a competitive vertical, we aren’t sure they’ve priced this range aggressively enough.

This brand is relatively new to the USA, and it’s service network is still growing.

3rd Place

The Fisher & Paykel OR30SDPWIX2 Induction Range

#3 — Fisher & Paykel 30” Induction Range

Model Number: OR30SDPWIX2

Price: $4,799

Fisher & Paykel’s 30” Self-Cleaning Induction Range offers cooking flexibility with seven key functions that includes the use of pre-set temperatures for broil, bake, and fan-forced, so as to allow for a variety of cooking styles.

The Fisher & Paykel induction range offers a self-cleaning option that breaks down food residue to make it easier to clean. It’s exterior styling is extremely modern, with round knobs and a very unassuming, flush oven door and fascia.

Beautifully modern knobs really clean up the look.

Key Features
Induction cooktop with four separate cooking zones
Pyrolytic self-cleaning option to break down food residue
Total capacity of 3.6 cubic feet
Easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
Bottom storage / heating drawer

The multi-shelf cooking allows for enough room to cook for a large family. It offers precise control that offers consistent temperature control from very low heats to very high and is accurate.

Interior oven is single fan design.

Fisher & Paykel aim for ideal safety, and that is why they offer a cavity and door cooling system that keeps the heat on the inside. It allows the cabinetry and your hands from getting burned. We also love the uber modern design of the Fisher & Paykel range.

One of the cons is that this is the pricier unit of the options given. We also felt like the burner sizes on this unit were a bit too small. Interior capacity also is one of the smallest in the lineup.

4th Place

The Electrolux EW30IS80RS Induction Range

Electrolux 30” Induction Range with Wave Touch Controls

Model Number: EW30IS80RS

Price: $3,749.

The Electrolux 30” Induction Built-In Range with Wave Touch Controls is a great induction range that is both affordable and well-designed. It is full of features that offer convenience and ease of use.

The “Wave-touch” control system is simple, with easy to understand interface and very little computer components to go wrong. Considering it is manufacturered in North America and often sells for hundreds of dollars under it’s MSRP price, it’s a real good value for money.

Beautiful blue enamel interior and standard glide out rack.

Key Features:
Perfect Taste Dual Convention that uses two fans to circulate the heat
Perfect Taste Temp probe that alerts you when your roast is cooked to perfection
Multi-stage cooking option that offers seven different cooking modes
Bottom warming drawer
Manufactured in North America

We truly appreciate the simplicity of the Wave Touch controls. While they may look a little cheap and gimicky compared to the more “Pro” looking ranges in this line-up, they get the job done and are very user-friendly. We also appreciate the controls are all located on the top of the unit, where you can see them clearly.

The “Wave Touch” Control Panel

Also, the Electrolux Induction Range has one of the best warranties in the line-up with a 3 Year Platinum Warranty.

It’s exterior looks are possibly the most dated of the line-up. It doesn’t look like a professional oven, even though it is built like one.

5th Place

The Bosch HIIP055U Induction Range

Bosch 30” Induction Stainless Steel Slide-In Range

Model Number: HIIP055U

Price: $3,599.

Bosch’s 30” Benchmark Induction Slide-In Range utilizes Flex Induction Technology paired with the Quiet Close Door system.

The Flex Induction system combines two cooking zones into one continuous surface and the dampened hinges in the Quiet Close Door allows the stove to close quietly, so you won’t have to worry about the door slamming and rocking the whole stove.

Key Features:
SpeedBoost adds more power to the cooking process
Flex Induction Area allows versatility in cooking
Warming drawer keeps parts of your meal warm until it’s time to serve
PowerMove divides the cooking zones into three power level zones, that allows you to move the cookware to change the power level.
Meat probe cooks meats to perfection
11 Cooking modes allow for gourmet cooking with ease

Bosch’s FlexInduction Technology

The biggest pro to this range is it’s induction top, which is laid out very well, with the Flex Zone on the left, which can be used to run two pots or can be used with say a cast iron griddle. The large burner on the front right is a very welcome and thoughtful design element home-chefs will appreciate.

The included full-extension telescopic rack allows access to the oven and an extra-large window makes it easy to monitor how well your food is doing during.

The oven controls are mounted in the front, in a tiny touch-capacitive window. It looks cheap, it feels, cheap and in our opinion it cheapens the entire oven. Two large knobs would have been a welcome design que here. The range just looks flat and sad without any knobs.

Also, some home reviews identified that the touch pad was very sensitive, especially if you like to cook with a hand towel always at the ready. When a damp towel comes in contact with the controls, it will change the settings and/or shut off burners.


And there you have it. Here are five of the top induction ranges that are affordable, without compromising on the quality. They will have you cooking like a gourmet chef in no time and they are aesthetically appealing, as well.

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