Among higher-end dishwashers, the frustrating days of stuck-on food and greasy residue are thoroughly over. Given the high quality across the board, ranking the top 5 dishwashers for 2017 takes more than simply figuring out which ones actually get your dishes clean; that’s taken for granted among these.

Top 5 Dishwashers for 2017 – Ratings / Reviews

Instead, it’s the small details and overall sense of quality that set these dishwashers apart from the rest — and that we used when determining the rankings within this selection. All of these are excellent dishwashers, but the top few go even further above and beyond.


First Place

#1 — Miele G 6365 SCVi SF AM – $1,499

Miele Futura Dimension

Hands-down the best dishwasher we’ve used this year.

When we asked each of our appliance specialists what is, in their opinion, the best dishwasher on the market currently the Miele was the first to come to mind for everyone. The Miele Futura Dimension dishwasher is their mid-range model and as such packs many of the best features Miele currently offers, while still keeping a relatively fair price tag. It is our #1 spot on this list.

In the top-end dishwasher segment it is our best seller by far and for good reason. Many sales are to previous Miele owners and this fact alone speaks volumes. In our experience, the quality and consistency of the Miele dishwashers is second to none. No other dishwasher “just works” as well as our Miele’s and nothing seems to faze it. You can use it 5 times a day, or one every six months, it doesn’t seem to care. It’s quiet as a church mouse, yet still manages to clean and dry the dishes completely.

In our more in-depth Miele Dishwasher Review, we discussed how the Futura models feature a beautifully sleek and minimalist style that would fit in with any ultra-modern kitchen. Its sheer quality is immediately apparent in-person, but the more you use it, the more you’ll notice the attention that has gone into making every little detail perfect.


Everything “orange” is adjustable.

For example, you can adjust the height of the upper basket three ways, to allow for taller items in the lower basket, and the basket handles are comfortable and ergonomic. The cutlery tray is adjustable too so you’ll no longer need to struggle with trying to squeeze ladles or serving spoons into a too-small tray.

Energy efficiency is a constant concern in appliances, and Miele doesn’t disappoint here either. With hot water connections allowing up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and an automatic sensor that runs on a half load setting when possible, this machine does its part to save you water and electricity without sacrificing performance.


Miele’s Futura Dimension, #1 Best-Buy

Best of all, this model is built with the lasting power that we’ve come to expect from German products. In our experience, Miele dishwashers are the least prone to problems and have the longest lifespan of any brand. Best of all, Miele proudly stands behind its reputation for quality: it’s the only company that offers extended warranties on its dishwashers for up to 5 years.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Adjustable trays and adjustable, redesigned baskets
  • MultiComfort area allows for large, bulky items
  • SensorDry ensures your dishes are sparkling and clean
  • AutoOpen feature opens door when the cycle is done for steam release
  • Fair price when compared with the top line Bosch and Asko’s, it’s a no-brainer for any top of the line Kitchen.

Final thoughts: It isn’t one thing that puts the Miele at the top spot, it’s everything: Beautiful design, thoughtful racking layout, “just works” operation, and a fair price.

Second Place

#2 — Asko D5656XXLHS/PH – $2,210

Asko Dishwasher Rating

Asko’s top-of-the-line model is a formidable machine.

As we move from Germany to Scandinavia, the trend toward luxuriously high quality and excellent design continues. The Asko’s elegantly minimalist front design is actually very similar to the Miele, with this one’s small timer in the upper right corner being the most immediately obvious difference. Once you see these Asko dishwashers up close, you’ll realize that its quality — like the Miele — is hard to capture just through words; the experience makes all the difference.

Save the racks, all interior parts are constructed entirely of stainless steel. Every wash arm, the piping to each wash arm, the tub itself, all stainless steel. No other machine on the market currently looks as bulletproof inside. Nitpicking: The racks themselves, while beautiful and ergonomic, do not seem as well thought out as the Miele’s. However they do hold their own in everyday use regardless.

Top 5 Dishwashers Rated

A confusing and tacky control panel at this price point.

Where the Asko really shines is in its wide selection of wash options. You have 11 wash choices, including quick wash, sanitation wash, upper or lower half washes, and delicate wash, among others. With so many choices available, you won’t find yourself wishing for something that this machine isn’t able to do for you. And with room for 17 place settings, only the most expansive of hosts will need to do more than one load in a row.


Silverware top rack only available on top-line model, really?

Every detail of this Asko dishwasher is thought through for maximum ease and convenience. The internal LED light means you’ll never need to strain to see the inside of the machine, while the voice alert helps ensure you hear when the cycle is over (instead of waiting for a piercing beep, or just trying to remember). Households with kids will appreciate the lockable controls — no more wasted or incorrect cycles thanks to curious little fingers poking at buttons!

Noteworthy Features:

  • Nine spray zones to ensure cleanliness throughout
  • A wide knife stand (if you’re willing to run your knives through the dishwasher)
  • Aqua Detect™ Sensor for water safety
  • Two adjustable wine glass shelves
  • China guard to protect your most delicate dishes
  • Turbofan dry really does dry the dishes no matter the cycle and material.

Final thoughts: A truly well-built and functionally brilliant dishwasher. A higher price, confusing controls and a less than perfect racking design hold this otherwise stellar machine back from the earning the top spot. 

Third Place

#3 — Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer Dishwasher DD24DCHTX9 – $1,399 

fisher paykel dishwasher drawers

Redesigned front fascia is more sleek and modern than before.

This Fisher & Paykel dishwasher immediately stands out on this list for one clear reason: it’s the only one of these five dishwashers that has two separate drawers. This allows it to wash a true half load; you have the option of only running the top or bottom drawer instead of both, if you prefer. Thanks to the layout of the machine, there’s room for tall or large dishes in either drawer.

It’s remarkable in the water-saving department, using under four gallons per cycle on average. Its 14-place-setting capacity and two-drawer style makes it ideal for those who host gatherings; you can load one drawer with appetizer and dinner dishes even as the prep dishes are being washed in the other drawer. The adjustable tines on this machine also mean you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of trying to squeeze bowls into plate racks that just aren’t designed to fit them.


Integrates flush with cabinetry, pay special attention to the attached toe kick.

While this Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher model lacks the elegance (and the appealing extended warranty) of our #1 choice, it makes up for that with a slightly lower price and its useful two-drawer layout. Depending on whether the two drawers are practical for the way you use the dishwasher, this makes a compelling challenger to the other options on the list.


Big space for a small drawer.

Each unit has its own independent pumps, you can literally wash crystals in one drawer while you wash pots and pans in the other.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Tines not only adjust for different dish shapes, but also fold down entirely to allow maximum packing flexibility
  • Two drawers allow you to wash two loads independently or run two different cycles concurrently
  • Diagnostic indicator tells you what’s wrong in the event of a problem

Final thoughts: Perhaps the most versatile dishwasher on our list, it’s quite an unique design. A little too liberal in the use of plastic on the interior, but long-term these units hold up very well in our in-house testing. 

Fourth Place

#4 — GE Built-In Dishwasher PDT855SSJSS – $1,499



GE pulls out all the stops, and comes close to perfection.

This GE dishwasher is an interesting combination. Its front style is perhaps the most traditional of those on this list, to the point of being almost dull. However, its functionality is anything but old-fashioned; it has built-in WiFi capabilities that let you interact with it with your smartphone or via Alexa with your Amazon Echo.

Its technological capabilities aren’t all it has going for it. Its large number of jets — over 140, to be more precise — help ensure that your dishes get clean no matter how you load them (within reason, of course).

It can be especially handy if you use bottles frequently (for a baby, for example); it has four jets to clean bottles, jars, or similar items that need special internal attention. With room for 16 place settings, it also has plenty of room to do even very large loads of dishes.

GE Profile Dishwasher

Special spray arm for silverware basket.


However, as you’ve probably noticed, it’s #5 on our list, so it does have some drawbacks. It only has seven wash choices, which is disappointing compared some other dishwashers. As mentioned before, the exterior is unremarkable-looking. Finally, it isn’t as powerful as some of its competitors when it comes to drying dishes. At a different price point, this might be a compelling option, but it’s no contest with the Miele at same price.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Reversing wash arm on the lower rack helps ensure clean dishes
  • Lights indicating the state of the dishes
  • 10 options allowing you to control the bottle jets, temperature, child lock, and more

Final thoughts: An impressive machine with some of the most advanced options available, including smartphone integration. A spotty service track record for GE and the fact that this is a new design  untested in long term durability are all that may keep it from a higher spot on the list.

Fifth Place

#5 Electrolux IQ-Touch Dishwasher EI24ID50QS – $1,099

electrolux dishwasher rating

Electrolux offers clean looks and thoughtful rack design in a very reasonably priced package.

This Electrolux dishwasher is the most budget-friendly option in this list. While it still offers quality and features that earn it a place here, the $400 you’ll save over the extraordinary Miele may not be worth it depending on your priorities.

One of the Electrolux’s most noteworthy features at this price point is: it’s remarkably quiet. Even the notification that the cycle is done preserves your peace and quiet; it’s a blue light that shines on the floor rather than an audible alert. However, the machine is so quiet that it can be difficult to tell whether the cycle has started, and Electrolux unfortunately didn’t take the extra step of adding a different colored light to indicate a running cycle. This would have been a smarter feature.

The control panel is another mixed bag. Its ultra-responsive controls can be a relief; no more pushing buttons several times before they finally register! However, if you don’t pay attention, it can be easy to start a cycle accidentally — which is further complicated by the difficulty in stopping a cycle on this model once it’s going.

Of course, if it were all mixed, the Electrolux wouldn’t be on our list! The quietness, responsiveness, and price are all positive features. In addition, it has a third rack to allow for easier washing, and its target wash zones ensure cleanliness for items that some other dishwashers find difficult (such as jars and bottles). With certain settings, the Electrolux can use as little as four gallons of water per wash cycle.

Noteworthy Features:

  • The option to save setting configurations as “My Favorite” for easy access
  • A removable 3rd tray allows flexibility for various dish shapes and sizes
  • The SatelliteSprayTM Arm gives dramatically more water coverage — without using more water

Final thoughts: Great results and impressive functionality at a very fair price point. While our customers and our experience with this unit has always been stellar, a recent influx of negative customer reviews online have kept this unit further down the list that it would otherwise be. 

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