Unless you are heavy into entertaining, or own a small restaurant, you have probably never heard of Scotsmans series of Ice Makers. These ice makers are designed for heavy use and can pump out over 15 pounds of ice a day for the smaller units. They normally provide ice that is taste free, odorless and clear, like the ice that is found in most restaurants. Large houses that go through a lot of ice typically have these installed, as do almost any type of restaurant.

The unit being reviewed is the Scotsman DCE33A1BC which is one of Scotsmans medium sized units. This ice maker is small at only 15” by 30”, and can be mounted completely below a counter of a home or business. It has a large output that can produce around 30 pounds of ice per day. The unit itself can only hold 26 pound of ice though so you will need to take ice out in order to keep the production moving. The ice cubes produced by this unit are not the kind produced by a normal fridge, as the Scotsman DCE33A1BC creates clear cubes that are odorless and taste free, providing the coldness needed without taking away from the taste of the drink.

Another interesting feature of the Scotsman DCE33A1BC is the fact that custom panels can be added that change the look and décor of the item. Thus if your house has wood cabinets, you can add a wood cabinet to the front of the unit to match your house style. If you plan to do this make sure you do not select a stainless steel unit though as they are not able to have panels added to them.

The main downside to this item – if not being used for commercial purposes – is the cost. This unit will run you around $1300, so you have to weigh how important an ice maker such as this is to the look and function of your home. If you are into entertaining and always have to go buy ice from the grocery store this unit is well reviewed and will save you money in the long run; however, if you only do a small amount of entertaining, you may want to take a different route. For commercial purposes, this unit is well priced and is the perfect addition to a small restaurant kitchen, but for medium and large sized kitchens, you would want to consider a larger ice maker.

Pros: Small in size, taste free ice cubes, large daily production

Cons: Expensive for residential use, not big enough for medium to large size restaurants, stainless steel unit cannot ad paneling.

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