Samsung’s new front control dishwasher is a slick appliance, perfect for a stainless-steel kitchen but also available in white and black, so there are options if you have a specific look you’re going for. The LED panel on the right-hand side in black lettering against its stainless-steel buttons is a great touch and an indicator of its quality exterior.

Samsung Dishwasher, Model DW80J3020US

The Samsung Dishwasher, Model DW80J3020US, currently retailing for $429.

Quiet Is Key

The best feature of Samsung’s 24 in. front control dishwasher (model DW80J3020US) is that it is very quiet – much quieter if you’ve had an older dishwasher and are used to it making a significant amount of noise.

It’s the quietest dishwasher in its class, operating at only a 50db noise level, which makes a good choice for offices or other environments where noise level could be a factor.

Energy Star Rated

It’s designed to be energy efficient, so you’ll help cut back on your water usage, and also has a digital leakage sensor to detect water leaks. This means no leaking onto the floor, and also prevents things like electrical shocks, and damage to the appliance.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by a dishwasher that has leaked into the flooring, this feature is a huge bonus — and often only found on higher end dishwashers with a much larger price tag.

Samsung’s Upgrade to Full Stainless Tub Is Great!

Stainless Steel Tub

Because the Samsung dishwasher has a stainless-steel tub, it’s also easier to clean than an older or cheaper model with a plastic tub that collects dirt more easily – plastic also tends to hold on to food odors, so this model won’t have that funky aroma that some dishwashers get over time. Additionally, the dishwasher features a hard food disposer, eliminating the need to clean a filter.

Control Panel is On Front

Feature Highlights:

  • Energy Efficient: energy star rated appliance that saves on water
  • Stainless steel exterior, tub, and control panel
  • Large capacity to hold a greater variety of items and up to 15 place settings
  • Front-facing LED control panel
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Status lights indicating wash cycle time, leak, etc.
  • Hard food disposer
  • 2-piece silverware basket and a 2-inch adjustable rack
  • Child lock which prevents kids from opening the dishwasher/changing settings

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Everything Comes at A Price

At $429, this is considered a cheaper, entry-level dishwasher. Noticeably absent is some of Samsung’s newer features like the WaterWall wash system and WiFi connectivity found on the higher end Samsung models.

And while this is one of the few dishwashers in this price category to come with a stainless steel tub, the bottom rack feels a bit flimsy and weak – with no ability to fold down a section. Two silverware baskets also take up too much space for our liking in the bottom.

Common Customer Complaints

The heater seems to be a common issue with this machine. Many consumers have reported that it seems as though the model doesn’t function properly. Dishes are not often emerging dry.

If you don’t mind drying your dishes after they come out of the dishwasher you might not be bothered, but they do tend to remain wet, even after the 3-hour wash cycle. The product description does claim it has a hidden heat element to protect against damage to the plastic parts, but it appears this function have made the heater less effective at drying.

Interior of Samsung Dishwasher DW80J3020US

Additionally, while it’s an energy-saver, this also seems to mean that the dishes don’t get cleaned as thoroughly. People who have replaced their older (and louder) whirlpool models with this one says they miss the effectiveness of the whirlpool model at cleaning and drying their dishes.

In fact, it seems as though the unit is fragile; several owners of the product have mentioned that the leak light comes on which means it needs servicing – which will cost extra. That’s not the only additional cost it tends to incur, either. Customers have often had the frustrating experience of replacing cheap plastic parts that break easily — specifically a little plastic clip that holds the plastic leveling feet on.

Samsung’s Bottom Rack Here Left Us Wanting

Another part that seems to break easily is the nozzle, which is one of the reasons why the dishes don’t get washed thoroughly; the water pressure isn’t the same once the nozzle is broken, so many people have reported food or stains left on their dishes after the wash cycle is over.

Samsung Customer Service Still Needs Work

There have also been numerous complaints about Samsung’s customer service, from people who say it’s difficult to get someone in to take a look at the issues in the first place, and that the company doesn’t replace parts for free due to normal wear and tear. So once the warranty expires, you might be paying more to replace damaged parts.


All things considered, the Samsung DW80J3020US looks pretty and sounds nice, but all the bells and whistles aren’t a substitute for quality. Unfortunately, durability is what’s lacking in this product, making it a less than stellar choice for those of us that like our dishes consistently clean.

Yanina Rocco
Samsung Dishwasher Review - DW80J3020US
Samsung's flagship big box dishwasher touts some impressive specs, but doesn't live up to all its promises.
Design and Styling8.5
Ease of Use8
Build Quality6
Value for Money8.5
Service and Warranty3.5
  • Is actually one of the most quiet for sub-$400 diswasher category.
  • Both outside AND inside are stainless. Yes, please.
  • Energy star rated
  • Durability issues plague consumer reports on this unit.
  • Samsung customer service leaves much to desire -- still!
6.9Overall Score

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