Have you ever heard of the saying “build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door.”? Well, the fine folks at Miele, makers of the Miele Vacuum Cleaner have certainly taken this advice to heart.  Keeping their company mantra of quality in mind, they have developed the Miele vacuum cleaner S5 series.

It’s true that just about every vacuum cleaner on the market claims to have optimum suction; however, you should take a moment to examine these claims.  Did you know that many of the harmful microbial dust particles and allergens, which are sucked up into a vacuum cleaner, are released back into the air?  This is generally due to faulty air filter systems and low quality vacuum cleaner bags.

Miele has recognized these problems and has subsequently built “a better mouse trap.” The Miele Vacuum Cleaner – S5 series, which features 1200 watts of power, was designed to not only provide superior sucking power, but also to prevent tiny dirt and hair particles, such as dust mites and pollen, from escaping into the air.

The Miele vacuum cleaner air filtration system and Miele vacuum bags are far and away better than just about any other cleaner on the market.  By utilizing an Active HEPA filter, or High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, the Miele vacuum cleaner confines and holds onto any harmful lung damaging particles.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner S5 Series - Big Picture

In addition, the cleaner uses a “Generally Activated Charcoal Filter” to rid the air of any foul smelling odors.  Perhaps the best part about these filters is that they are designed to last for fifty hours of run time.  That means they only need to be replaced about once a year!

As if superior filters were not enough, Miele has basically reinvented the vacuum cleaner bag.  The Miele vacuum cleaner bag is a nine layer stronghold that allows dirt and dust in, but not back out.  This is because Miele Vacuum bags are comprised of an electrostatically charged material.  Dirt, dust, and pollen are then trapped against the walls of the bag, making escape virtually impossible.

This killer combination of unique air filters and Miele vacuum bags gives Miele vacuum cleaner the best clean air filtration system on the market. When combined with its top of the line suction power, why would you shop for anything else?

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      Are you thinking of the Callisto model? There is no Calypso in their current line up. The Callisto model is an S5 series vacuum.

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