In this Miele Dishwasher Review, we take a look at the newly introduced dishwasher line: the Futura Series. This line further improves upon the previous Optima series we wrote about last year. To start with, the new units have fancier names, like Crystal, Classic, Dimension, and Diamond. All units have unique features and a prices to match. This review focuses on the middle of the road unit, the “Dimension” G5575SCVi, which in my opinion will be the most popular unit due to its price/feature ratio.

Miele 3D Rack


After about a month of testing, a few things have stuck out right away. The racking system is all new, and if you liked the upper cutlery tray before, you’re going to love what they’ve done with it now. Due to it’s height and static nature, the old model cutlery tray did not hold big utensils like knives and wooden spoons very well. They’ve fixed this problem by redesigning the tray. The new system allows you to fit large cutlery items. You just slide an orange tab and the center drops down another 2 inches. Also, if you have tall stemware that you need to get into the upper basket, you can now slide one half of the cutlery tray over and create for yourself an extra 3 inches of height in order to get them in.

The best part is now everything stays in the dishwasher. No interior parts are removed so they can be lost or thrown away. The upper basket stays pretty much unchanged with countless adjustments that will let any consumer find a place to fit virtually any item. This was demonstrated just this past week when a past customer, who purchased a Miele dishwasher from us about 5 years ago, came in with a box of wine glasses and asked if she could try to fit them in the new Futura Dimension dishwasher she was thinking about buying. At first I thought she was replacing the 5 year old unit I sold her, but she was actually doing research for the new home she just purchased. So with that she removed 7 different types of stemware out of a box and wouldn’t you know – they all fit in the top rack.

Miele Futura Dimension

Another feature I like about this model is it’s new control panel which still features a single-scroll program button, but now features a larger LCD screen with more cycle information. The unit also has a turbo feature that speeds up some of the cycles by 30%, for when you need the dishes cleaned in a rush. These units all have an automatic sensor, which will detect what temperature and cycle is needed to get the dishes cleanest, as well as alert you if there is anything blocking any of the spray arms before and during the wash. This is normally only found in other brands top-tier unit, while Miele now has now put this in every dishwasher as standard. All of the Miele dishwashers use a clean air technology in the drying process, this works by having a fan take cool outside air and force it between the wash tub and the outer case of the dishwasher to help it achieve a better drying results while still being extremely energy efficient.

Miele Dishwasher In the past, my clients have fallen in love with the dish cradles in the lower rack of the Miele dishwashers. It helps stop plates from hitting each other during the wash cycle and allows you to get the most plates in the bottom rack for the space used. Before, this was only molded into one side of the bottom rack. Now you get it on both. An excellent upgrade that will leave many people smiling when they go to load the dishwasher after a party. The lower rack also features a few additional adjustments to help get in odd sized items – just look for the orange levers. They each do something special.

At around the same price as the previous Optima series, the Miele Futura Dishwasher G5575SCVi is, in our opinion, an upgrade in all the right directions. If there were anything to complain about, it would be the new warranty, which is now only 1 year for all models except for the highest priced Diamond unit, which gets a whopping 5 year warranty.

Pros: 3D racking, intensive cleaning mode, water softener is standard.

Cons: Warranty is a little light for this price point.

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