Miele Fashion Master Ironing System - Review / Rating
An impressive machine that takes ironing to the next level in efficiency.
Design and Styling9.5
Ease of Use8.5
Build Quality9
Target Function9.5
  • Penetrating steam system which really works
  • Folds up neatly when finished
  • Build quality is impressive
  • High cost a barrier to entry
  • Takes up more space than traditional iron

Miele’s new Fashion Master is a technologically advanced ironing center that will save you time and dry cleaning money. This laundry system is more than just a fancy iron. It is an entire fabric care system that utilizes an active ironing board, that uses suction to pull the steam through your clothes.

Miele Fashion Master B 3312 Review

The Miele Fashion Master B 3312 provides the best ironing results in the shortest time possible as it eliminates wrinkles on both sides of the clothes.

One or two passes on the front side of the garment is all that is needed to rid the entire piece of wrinkles, with this advanced system. Pair that with a really good iron, and you will never worry about ironing all side of your clothes.


Miele’s B 3312 Fashion Master Ironing System

Things we liked

Miele’s ironing system is truly advanced in it’s design and convenient to use and store. The height adjustment system allows you to move the board to the most comfortable position regardless of your stature. The Fashion Master also folds up, so it can be stored conveniently in your home without taking up a lot of room.

The Fashion Master Honey Comb Iron

Superior Steam System
The iron uses 4 bar steam pressure with 3.5 ounces of constant steam pressure per minute and 100 grams of steam volume. The powerful system It works on all fabrics regardless of how fragile they are.

Superior Board
Miele has designed an impressive board which houses a vacuum system which uses its suction to pull the steam from the iron through multiple layers of clothing. The system can also reverse, with an inflation function that creates an air pocket between the board and the garment. This air pocket is perfect for gently steaming delicate garments, frills, lace, or cashmere.

Iron will automatically shut off when not in use

When you consider the time that is saved by deploying this system, it begins to add up. One pair of paints can be done in two passes instead of the usual four. Ironing times are cut in half.

Advanced Honeycomb Soleplate Design
Miele has used advanced technology to design a soleplate that distributes even steam along the channels evenly and quickly. The buffer of steam allows the iron to glide along the clothes, so there isn’t any concentration in certain areas that can damage your clothes. It is designed with a Teflon coating that protects your clothes from those shiny spots that can develop from the iron heat. This helps your garments look professional and new longer.

Safety Features Abound
Movement monitors ensure that the iron is switched to the off position after only three minutes of non-use and the entire system turns off after 15 minutes of non-use. This way you never have to worry if you left the iron on. The iron will turn on immediately after it is moved, so you don’t have to restart it.

LED Readout alerts when its time to descale

Some things we didn’t like

Although Miele has produced a superior ironing system, there are few small quibbles we have.

The Price
One its biggest downfalls is the price. The ironing system sells at a starting price of $1,999. With a slightly more powerful option in the B 3847 at $2,499 – which also includes a steam wand for hanging clothes. Middle-class mothers — the one consumer segment that would get the most out of this appliance — will have a hard time affording the Fashion Master. And that makes us sad.

Perhaps, as Miele develops this further, they will be able to lower the price of entry to this impressive appliance.

Height adjustable

Folded position

Although the unit folds up, it still takes up quite a bit of space when it is in the storing position. The depth when folded is still almost 15 inches in depth, which is much deeper than a traditional ironing system. It also stands over 50 inches high in the folded position, so you can’t hang it against the wall like your traditional ironing board.


Your time is valuable and Miele has designed an ironing system that allows you to save considerable time and money by skipping your usual run to the dry cleaner. This ironing system is easy to use, sophisticated, and will save you around 30 to 50% of the time that you would spend using a traditional iron and board.

Manufacturers Warranty is 2 year Parts and Labor with Registration.

In addition, the Miele Fashion Master ironing system is hassle free and automatically cleans itself and will inform the user when to run the descaling cycle.

The Miele ironing system is the ideal choice for busy moms and savvy professionals who don’t want to waste time and money going to the cleaners.

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