LG Refrigerator Review - Mega-capacity French Door LFX33975ST
The sheer size of this machine in-real-life and its massive doors pose many design challenges in new Kitchens.
Design & Styling7
Build Quality5.5
Service and Parts Availabilty2
  • Efficient air movement system
  • Practical shelving options
  • A motor warranty (see con)
  • A warranty is only as good as the service on it. Our experience getting parts from LG has been painful indeed.
  • Ice maker makes little ice for a machine this size
5.8Overall Score
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)

Today every manufacturer wants to offer consumers the largest capacity refrigerator on the market. In this LG refrigerator review we will examine all of LG’s claims about its LFX33975ST Mega Capacity French Door Refrigerator and compare it with some of LG’s fiercest competitors
LG_megacapacity_interiorTo begin with, you can’t help but ponder over what 33 cubic feet really means in comparison to its rivals. For todays purposes we will compare it against it’s two largest competitors: Samsung’s 32 cu ft. “Max” Capacity French Door Refrigerator and Electrolux’s 28 cu ft. Wave Touch French Door Refrigerator.

These days it’s likely we all have some kind of space needs and a refrigerator that can live up to its storage promise is definitely worth some consideration. But creating more interior space in a unit that cannot get any bigger on the outside will always costs us some changes on the inside. Let’s examine.

The promoted 33 cubic feet of space for the LG Mega-capacity French Door unit can be broken down into around 22 feet for the refrigerator portion and 11 going towards the freezer. The refrigerator itself is paired with two french doors, 4 split-level and 3 fixed shelves, a 4-compartment crisper drawer, EasyReach bins for small items and a full-length glide and serve platform. The side storage is also considerable with 6 adjustable shelves, two being capable of handling gallon-sized beverages.

The bottom freezer, marked by its Smart Pull handle, has its own perks for storage space. Though you won’t find any sleek and attractive glass shelves, the 3 tier organization system serves its purpose with drawer dividers and an ice bin. But wait… you say: An ice bin?

Yes. For storing ice.

But doesn’t this unit come with an ice maker?

LG_freezer_compartmentThat depends upon your definition of an ice maker. The other space-related feature here is the unit’s Slim SpacePlus Ice and Water Dispenser. It’s been coined for its ability to ‘give you ice without taking up your fridge space’ and can also take on large glasses and containers, up to 12 inches in height. In both the Samsung and the Electrolux french doors, an stand alone ice maker is what takes up those extra 4-6 cubic feet of space and this is what accounts for most, if not all, of LG’s space-saving features on this unit. The cost: A ice maker that makes very little ice. And I mean very little. LG themselves rate the unit to produce 3 lbs of ice per day with their bin holding about the same amount.
Not only do customers complain of its tiny ice bin, but also that the unit takes forever to make the little amount of ice it can. Since inception, french door units have, in general, been plagued with ice making restraints due to their configuration. This LG unit however, takes it to a new level. As far as I can tell this unit makes literally half the amount of ice of the Samsung. And about a third the amount as the Electrolux. So if ice is a staple of your home, this may not be the unit for you.


lg_megacapacityThe other key features of LG’s mega piece are its energy efficient Linear Compressor motor which comes with a 10-year  warranty. The cooling technology works to keep your food fresh and includes an air filter and several vents throughout the unit. The linear compressor and dual evaporator are also noted as a means of managing temperature and humidity levels in order to preserve perishables.

This French door unit is priced at $3,500 MSRP which is comparable to the Samsung (also $3,500 MSRP) and the Electrolux ($3,300 MSRP). So with a 10-year warranty on the motor to add a some assurance and the serious dedication to space and storage, the LG Mega Capacity 3 Door unit has some appeal to consumers in the market for a large capacity refrigerator, so long as they don’t mind running out for ice.

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