Many people have just come to expect the way a modern refrigerator should look and function. Generally this entails one standard door for the fridge and one standard door for the freezer. While this is effective, it is starting to become less efficient with the adaptation of French door refrigerators such as the LG LMX28988ST. French door refrigerators mount the freezer below the fridge for more efficient storage, allowing it to be pulled out like a drawer. Instead of storing items on top of each other like most fridges a French door freezer allows the food to be compartmentalized for easy and efficient storage. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you get down to using it you see how efficient it really is.

LG French Door Refrigerator OpenThe LG LMX28988ST takes this a step further by not having only one freezer but two. These freezers can be set and different temperature levels to allow different food types to be stored in each, really making the most of the space that is available. The fridge is not left out either as it has about 18 cu. ft of storage for food, while still having enough room to provide for a fully functional ice and water dispenser. The ice maker features LG’s slim SpacePlus ice system that frees up a lot of room for the shelves and does not dominate the available space like many other ice makers do. This is great for storage in your fridge but some people complain that it is not as effective when you have company over and it is in constant demand.

This fridge also has a LED screen that provides digital temperature controls making the maintaining of your fridge a breeze.

LG Refrigerator Ice and Water

All LG French door refrigerators are Energy Star rated meaning they will save you money on your electrical bill, and can even provide a tax refund in some states. Lastly, the fridge features a door alarm system that notifies the user when the door has been left open, allowing them to close the fridge without losing the food.

One of the main downsides to this fridge is the price. At around $3,000 it is a hard sell for many homeowners that do not really need to update their fridge. However, the features and abilities make up for the cost for most, but $3,000 will not be worth it to every consumer.

Pros: Lots of space, LED temperature control, water dispenser, two freezers.


Cons: A bit expensive, ice maker doesn’t make ice fast enough

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