Once upon a time ovens turned on and turned off. Our grandmothers turned the dial to the desired temperature and the oven baked the dessert, roasted the turkey, or broiled a steak. Whether the pie, bread, or stuffing was done or not was a matter of guess work. Roasting a large turkey could take up to 6 hours. And cleanup involved toxic fumes and a lot of elbow grease.

But oh how times have changed!

Meet the Frigidaire Professional Series Single Oven:

Frigidaire Professional Oven Review

The New “Professional” Line from Frigidaire

Frigidaire Professional Series Single Oven Review

Today the ovens do everything short of bring dinner to your dining room and serving you in half the time.

The Frigidaire FPEW3077RF Professional 30” Single Electric Wall Oven is no exception. It’s sleek and impressive to look at with all the ”Pro” style and appearance of Viking or Wolf Ovens at a much lower price tag in the neighborhood of $2,300.

The exterior features SmudgeProof Stainless Steel that resists fingerprints and makes clean up a snap The Frigidaire FPEW3077RF is not without an equally impressive interior. Powerglide racks make accessing your food quick and painless. A powerful quick clean feature keeps the oven looking great.

PowerPlus Convection System


Both Convection and Conventional Bake Cooking

The Pro Wall oven offers PowerPlus Convection to deliver moist, juicy, delectable meats and poultry browned to perfection. It melts butter and fats and creates steam faster than conventional ovens producing things like perfectly baked pies and tender flaky croissants. Everything bakes evenly so there’s no need to rotate. Convection cooking is fast, about 25% faster than conventional, and it saves energy.

The ”No Preheat” feature speeds up dinner or desserts as well. The Convection Conversion feature converts your recipes to the ideal cooking time automatically. The secret to convection cooking is the use of a fan and exhaust system that surrounds the food with hot air.  The PowerPlus Temperature Probe knows exactly when your dish is done taking the guess work out of roasts, Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing, or a souffle for example.

Some foods do not cook well in a convection oven such as cakes, quick breads, custards-anything that starts out as a batter-and the Frigidaire FPEW3077RF Professional Wall Oven easily bakes these foods to perfection on the conventional setting.

Like most new things a new appliance, such as a wall oven, requires an initial exploration, discovery, practice, and introductory phase. This is when you constantly refer to the operating guide and learn how to set controls, and use all the various electronic bells and whistles that are a part of your new appliance. It takes most of us time to get used to new things and getting the hang of new electronics can seem complicated at first try particularly things like the touch pads and setting the timer.


The Frigidaire FPEW3077RF Interior

This wall oven has gotten some bad reviews from a few consumers and undoubtedly part of the reason is they are still getting acquainted with the kitchen newcomer. This can take some time. Some feel the timer is difficult to set and use on the touch screen.

Some users also complain that this oven makes an unreasonable amount of fan noise. The convection ovens use a fan to cook and cools it down. Some are bothered by the volume of it, others don’t give it a thought. As with any new oven it takes some experimentation to learn how fast the oven bakes and many consumers, new to convection cooking, burn dinner a few times before learning. At least until you really get to know your new oven watch your food carefully. Check it half way through to gauge how quickly it’s cooking and check it frequently until the end of the cooking time. This is really the only way to learn how your new convection oven bakes.

Other points of contention with some owners:

The soft timer volume which can be a problem in a unit that has loud fans. Again this seems to be a problem for some and not for others. Most of the time this problem can be overcome by using a louder timer in place of the one on the oven.

And no live temperature display. Frigidaire explains that with the high accuracy of the new ovens like the Frigidaire FPEW3077RF Pro this is rarely a cause for concern. Also Frigidaire notes that with the ”No Preheat” feature the oven heats the the desired temperature in a few minutes and a live temperature display would be little, or never, used. But we, and most of our customers surveyed, wish this feature existed.

So the pros and cons of the  Frigidaire FPEW3077RF Professional 30” Single Electric Wall Oven according to consumers are:


  • Even heating/cooking
  • The no fingerprint finish on the stainless steel works very well
  • All the “pro” styling of  Viking or Wolf wall ovens for far less than half the cost
  • The glide out racks are a big plus at this price point.


  • Cooling fan sounds loud. Some reported very loud sounds.
  • Too soft chime on timer for some.
  • Timer is difficult to set and use on the touch screen (read and follow the directions carefully)
  • Quick baking takes getting used to
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