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    Our four year old double drawer dishwasher completely broke down. Our service provider discovered a slow leak in the rear of the unit that dissolved the insulation and also destroyed the motor. There is MOLD growing in the rear of the unit. Because this leak was slow, and did not come out the front of the unit, there was no way for us to know about it until it was too late. All of our other kitchen appliances are going on 20 years because we are fastidious about upkeep and cleanliness. After sending detailed photographs to Fisher Paykel, they said too bad- that because the unit is more than a year old they will NOT stand by their product!
    I hope others can be forewarned and avoid purchasing this product that does not last!

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    Glad you have brought up the topic and discussed openly. There are plenty other good dishwashers in the market other than fisher-pakel, you may look at them.

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    Hii I purchase Lg dishwasher last week. Lg dishwasher work very good. Lg Service are very good.

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    I’ve also had a similar problem with the dishwasher leaking water. The brand of the dishwasher was local, and I rented it for a temporary purpose in my shop. It only works for two weeks after purchase and shows a sign of a leak on the dishwasher’s outflow valve. I’ve scarped them and purchased a new branded dishwasher from a friend’s store.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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